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    Strange but (untrue) a novel

      So I don't know about anybody else, but I really get fed up of those "absolutely true" factoids that people keep posting on Facebook or Twitter. It got me thinking, if you were the kind of devious soul who would make up their own lie, and had the power to make it believed by a million random Tweeters, which nefarious lie(s) would you want to spread?


      It is often stated that Bob Holness played the sax on "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty. He actually played Bass.


      The Devil has all the best tunes. He bought the rights in 2004.


      The Red Telly Tubby was played by six actors during the making of the show. Four are now dead, one is the Stig and the other has never been interviewed.


      Light a candle, repeat the name of Richard Dawkins sixteen times while staring into a mirror and blow out the candle. Something really REALLY weird will happen. For real.


      Red cars on average, have a peak speed six miles an hour faster than blue cars of the same model.

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