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    VAC banned for using a FOV changer?! (PC)

      Hey today i went to play Mw3 and when i got on it said that it could not connect to online services so i checked and found out i was VAC banned on steam. i have NOT cheated in anyway. when i got the game i got into a modded lobby changing my levels and stats without my knowledge. i could play for three days after that with no problems. then out of no where i was VAC banned most likely for something i had absolutely ZERO control over. the only other thing that i could think is that i was using a 3rd party program to change my FOV from the standard 65 to 90, but this has been stated to be allowed in the game so i really do not know what is going on. this has been a huge disappointment that i can get banned for doing nothing at all. I have been a loyal CoD customer since CoD4. preordering all the game for both PC and Console (xbox360) i have not hacked/cheated on any and i know the rules of the game. i am usually one of the people trying to get cheaters banned. me not being banned in a game that i have not hacked in is crucial considering i run a rairly large YouTube channel surrounding the game... (my steam user name is OG_ThurnS)