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    Has Anyone Ever - LOL


      Ever died by that random mortar fire on Warhawk.  I'm not talking about 'Field Orders', just that single randomly placed mortar.  I noticed it tends to hit near you if you sit in one spot outside for a long time.


      I could only imagine one hitting you, while being one away from your killstreak or K.E.M.

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          it doesnt actualy hit players, if you look closely it hits the same spots every game and changes the look of the places it hits like adding holes into buildings ect

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              Hmm, I guess I exposed my camperness.  I mostly stay inside on Warhawk, but I stepped outside and saw one hit close to the tank.  Would of been cool if it randomly killed you.


              I do know for a fact though, on Sovereign those stupid tanks they are building can kill you.


              Also, you can get crushed in doors that close.  And that train that moves on Siege.


              And an enemy dog, biting your SatCom, making it explode on you for the final kill.

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                If you stay in one general spot too long (as in little to no movement), then a mortar will come whistling in and impact right near where you are, and if you happen to be moving, there is a chance you can get hit by it, but it actually does very little damage from what I've seen.

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                Yea I had one hit almost on top of me when I was going around the back next to the semi-truck.  It basically just knocked my guy sideways a little and made him go into heavy breathing mode for a second or two but that was all it did to him.


                As for me personally....it scared the BEJEEZUS out of me!!