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      If You're looking for a very active clan then use the app to apply to TheProdigaĆ–Sons  (PS3 ONLY)

      If you have trouble applying then leave your psn name below for an invite. 

      We have just won our latest platinum clan war with ease. We have a clan website and youtube channel but that doesn't mean we have lots of rules, we are a fun clan and all we ask is that you help our during clan wars and be active..

      We are a fun clan and our chat room on the app is very fun and active, we don't have many rules such as K/D ratio, all we ask is that you are active, so if you have played less than 50 hours or only play at weekends then please don't apply. All you need to do is apply and then help out in clan when needed and you must have the app. Our aim is to win, anything else will not be good enough.

      Apply Now!! TheProdigaĆ–Sons or PSN Coccr (you will be asked to prove you have the app)

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