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    Odd findings in Der Riese (In WaW)

      I was bored and went to play a solo game on Der Riese, and found things I haven't seen before. Here they are (no pics right now, on ipad.)

      1. The double barrel shot-gun room. Face the buyable door and look up slowly. There is a sign that says "Automobile Garage." It's in English? Why? Is it a goof or were the Germans able to read English? Or something else?


      2. Outside the quick revive room. Slowly look up and there's a sign that says "Dr. Maxis L. M.D. Office." Also in English. The barrier seems to be a hallway to the office's door. The tunnel is also in the quick revive room.


      3. If you drop down into the tunnel from the quick revive room and walk all the way to the end, look over the railing and you can see a bloody bear paw (Teddy) and it drags down.


      Feel free to post your thoughts. I don't really know if these things have any significance.