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    Online profile missing?

      Alright, so basically my online profile doesn't show up anymore and instead, one of the other profiles on my system has replaced it. I know that other people have been having this 'duplication' problem, but I'd thought that I would ask myself.

      I play on a PlayStation 3 and the PSN profiles affected by this are CrimsonSkorpio and xXchaosbranXx. The PSN that they are copying is CRAZYCAPRICORN93. There are three other PSN accounts on my system, however, one of them is unaffected of this duplication due to it being the 1Player profile during this and the other two haven't been used in a long time.

      If anymore information is needed or if this is confusing then please, let me know.

      Thank you, CrimsonSkorpio 

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          Hey CrimsonSkorpio,


          So both CrimsonSkorpio and xXchaosbranXx have been overwritten with CRAZYCAPRICORN93's stats? Can you please let us know what each accounts rank was before this happened and what is the current rank? Can you also provide an approximate date this may have occurred?




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              Yes, that is correct. Also, I don't remember the ranks specifically, however, I'll try to be as accurate as possible. CrimsonSkorpo's highest rank solider was 47-48 and had 6-7 unlocked soldiers all together I believe xXchaosbranXx's highest rank was 24-25 (no other soldiers were unlocked). The Current highest rank from CRAZYCAPRICORN93 is 44 and has 5 unlocked soldiers altogether. Also the date that this occurred was either in the 15th or the 16th of February and has been that way ever since.


              Thank you. 

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                  Hey CrimsonSkorpio,


                  We are aware that some players are experiencing a copying issue while playing split-screen/sharing console and Infinity Ward is investigating. In the mean time, try playing an online match and see if your stats return to normal as well as logging all accounts out of the console and clearing the cache. Please keep us posted on the results.


                  Can you please private message me the following information so that I can escalate your request for stat restoration?


                  Gamertags(s) affected:


                  Rank before copy:

                  Rank after copy: