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    Only teh OT will appreciate this as much as I did.


      Now this is what I call 1337 gameplay here fellas haaaa.  Dam my level of jealousy watching this was of epic proportions.  This game used to drive me straight through the roof.


      How many dents did your controller have haaa.  I had an old tv my dad and I picked up at the dump and we put a picture tube in it for $20.  Was my first TV that i had in my room which made me a bad mofo among my friends..  It was one that had the wood frame/stand all the way around it.  I cant tell you how many times I bounced my controller off of that mother haaaa.  I stillhave my NES and when I see those controllers all dented up it makes me laugh.


      Anyway saw this on the "trending" or whatever and figured ya guys would appreciate it if you hadnt seen it yet.