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      hello! First I must apologize to my language but I think then probably someone can understand me ok.. this is old topic but I see then people here have good anserw. I have a problem with my guitar too this is guitar from PS2 (cable) with adapter. I connect the guitar and adapter and PC doesnt see the guitar (only see the adapter at name TWIN joustick USB)

      when I check test and want test the buttons anything doesnt do. I check everything I connect to front and back USB. I check drivers and install new HID but the problem still now. I go to my friend and check guitar on the PS2 (fifa) and the controller its good working when I connect to him PC its working :/ (test and buttons !) I download the same Win XP by Symilion like have my friend install at home and nothing :/ !? What I can to do else ??

      Maybe someone like me have the same problem I want Play at home on the TV but I cant please help (my friend have PC Dell ? I have Normal PC box on the foxconn motherboard )