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    What is the point of "Server Status"

      What is the point of having a page for server status if it seems to never update when the servers are down? (Servers have been down on PS3 for more than 2 hours now) The only time I have ever seen those defcon levels change is when PSN got hacked years ago, and when scheduled maintenance has it shut down, or if it stays shut down for more than a day or so. A day is too much time to wait for an update.


      You might as well just remove it all together because all it does is anger people when the servers are clearly down yet the status has not been updated. The point of posting the defcon status is so players can see whether its a player-connection-problem or server-problem. And yes, I would rather the tech's be working on getting the servers back online than be fiddling with posting the status. But that's a poor excuse. I work for a municipal government, a city, and we have someone that can get emergency updates to our site within an hour, 24/7. Its not that difficult of a job. If a government can do it, I know private industry can as well. If the tech's are busy fixing the problem, then train the community manager, or social media relations, or whatever you call those kinds of positions.


      I would hope that with the PS4 community now having to pay for online play (plus XBOX/ONE always having to pay) that we might expect a higher level of service. Although I suppose we are paying Sony not Activision.


      Go big or go home, have a vision to make a plan to get it right or else the service is just a tease of what could be. Then it's just going to anger more people than it helps.

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