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    A letter to ALL CoD Ghosts devs, moderators and other staff


      This is a long letter so bear with me.


      Dear Staff,


      I've been playing this game since W@W and back then I was crap. However, I had fun playing the game with others who had wanted to run around and enjoy the game. We all died and got frustrated on big streaks but at the end of every game, we all had a few laughs and talked about loadouts and stuff. It was enjoyable and fun.


      Shift to now and it's vastly different. The same bullshit happens every single day. Everyone has a go at each other, insults other people's mothers and the playstyles are stupidly pathetic. I can't even enjoy playing the way I always have anymore because Ghosts is so slow paced. It's hacked so badly that every single time I run into a hacker, I just leave. There's no point reporting them because you take MONTHS to ban them (compared to W@W and MW2 where people were banned within 24 hours to 3 days.)


      You don't care about us gamers anymore. All you care about is the money. If that's the case, then you watch and wait as the CoD franchise dies thanks to the way you run the show.


      Here's some ideas that even a normal person thinks should happen.


      1) The spawn systems are made so that when you die, you respawn in a safe place. YOU SHOULD NOT SPAWN IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN GUNFIGHT, OR SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU CAN DIE FOUR TIMES WITHIN 20 FREAKING SECONDS.

      2) I would've implemented a security team as soon as I found out this game was hacked. A team that could ban anyone that has been reported legitimately at the touch of a button. A team that works out what the hacks are doing and fixes them for us normal players.

      3) Even people who work in retail stores know that the customer comes first. When people say there is a problem with the game IN LARGE NUMBERS, then wouldn't you use common sense and fix what everyone wants to be fixed instead of trying to promote shitty DLC that less people are buying?

      4) Speaking of DLC, have you noticed that less people are buying the season pass? One season pass is $60 here so if 10,000 people aren't buying it then that is a $600,000 loss. They're not buying it because you refuse to fix this game.

      5) It shouldn't take three months to patch snipers to kill quickscoping. You lied to us about quickscoping being so much harder, it isn't. It's an easy solution, patch the damn snipers so that they ONLY work when prone and that'll make people use them the way they SHOULD be.


      I honestly love CoD but Activision and Infinity Ward are killing the very heart and soul of CoD just to fill their bank accounts. Meanwhile they're wondering why they're down 20% on profit from Black Ops 2 and their competitors are getting good customer reviews whereas CoD is being thrown to the dogs. A Metacritic user rating of 22!? THAT says how bad Ghosts is and how Activision is killing this series.


      Please fix the essence of CoD before you kill it altogether.


      P.S - For those who say I'm a bad player and should harden up I have a 2.73 KD and 51 KEM Strikes.

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          I disagree with your patch proposal for Sniper Rifles in #5.  I understand that people have frustrations of being killed by Sniper rifle quickscoping and maybe there is more to be done in THAT respect but making the sniper rifle only usable while prone because, "That's the way they SHOULD be used" is way over the top.  95% of the cases where I get killed by a Sniper (and I bother watching the kill cam) has been a hardscoped kill.  I am an avid Sniper rifle user myself but at my age my reflexes are such that even hardscoping sometimes has its problems for me much less me trying to run around and quickscope with a sniper rifle. (Even an ACOG scope on an AR gives me troubles!)  While I do go prone if the location lends itself to that (laying down beside the stones at the top of the Stonehaven castle covering B for instance) there are just some (most) of the time that going prone limits your field of view so badly its not even worth it.  Moving to a crouch resolves a lot of that and adds a lot of area to your field of view.  I have found, for example, that even standing on the second floor of the building in the upper corner of Stonehaven and moving in and out from behind the blown out wall gives you full view of 2/3rds of the map which is very helpful in Domination because it allows you to cover C and anyone moving behind the building to the right and anyone coming up by the creek, the front of the castle, the trucks area, etc.  Being prone only in that instance would limit this view to basically C...how fun.  Making them prone only use would also renders the Tower in Prison Break (the highest vantage point on the map) completely useless for snipers.  Which seems odd to me that (arguably) the most ideal sniping spot on the map would be rendered unusable for sniping.


          For one person playing the game to want to dictate how various aspects of the game "should" be played by others is just too much.  If they were going to make the sniper rifles usable the way they "should" be you could kill a guy by shooting him in just about any place rather than only a waist up, chest up, shoulders up, etc shot.  If you shot him in the leg and didn't kill him he should at least have to limp!  Making them prone only use could virtually take the sniping aspect out of the game which effects an even broader range of players at any given time.   There has been enough done to Sniper Rifle dynamics already.  Just stop.  Go pick on the Trophy System or the Canister Bomb or the Gambler Perk for a while.  I'm sure there is something wrong those!!

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            Boy that sure was a professional letter.  I'm sure they will forward that one all the way to the top. So because your not a "crap" player, the developers should just bow down to all of your "epiphanies" on how to fix this game. Everyone feels so entitled.  Of course companies care about their customers, but anyone else that also knows a little about business also knows that you can't please everyone. If you attempt that you please no one. I like how you base your credibility on your k/d and number of KEM strikes. Lmao.  "Other peoples kids...."

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              i agree this game has gone crap i have never got into so many hack lobbies as i have this week its a joke and people who use snipers are going to moan about the patch and yh i can use a sniper pretty well and yh there is no skill thats why so many people use them  and if they really did vaule the people that buy the game they would test the game before release and clear all the hacks and glitches before the game is release instead of rushing it out ........ they will not sort out this game on ps3 cuz its a waste of there time the ps3 was not ment for this game so why would they ban all the cheaters ............

              they said before ghost come out that snipers wont be able to do this and do that but 90% of the maps are made for sniping

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                  Dude, you need to put a period or a comma or a dash, maybe a capital letter every now and then or something in that sentence to slow the read down some.  I got winded reading it! 

                  Not saying there was anything wrong with what you said just need something to slow your roll a little cause it all kinda ran together...

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                      Wait...now that I've read it slower I have found something wrong with it. The part where you say, "and people who use snipers are going to moan about the patch and yh i can use a sniper pretty well and yh there is no skill thats why so many people use them".  If I read that correctly are you are saying YOU can use a Sniper Rifle pretty well and THEN following that up with saying there is no skill in using it that why so many use Sniper Rifles.  If so then that's wrong on several levels.  And anyone who actually can use a Sniper Rifle "pretty well" will probably agree that is takes a great deal of skill.


                      And I'm sure they tested the game at least a time or two prior to release but even then it seems impossible to be able to catch and clear all the hacks in pre-test when the hacks haven't happened yet.  Unless they have a DeLorian with a Flux Capacitor...which seems unlikely as well.

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                    I feel your frustration this weekend has been total clustermuck! Servers down,hack wars and even the app turned turtle! COD is dying but unfortunately and I might be wrong do you ever get the feeling that the  PlayStation is being sidelined to encourage people to buy Xbox? Have not read Xbox or ps4 forums but did they suffer the same issues? All legit players can do is leave hacked lobbies let them cheat with each other

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                      I agree 100% with you comments. It's a shame when you cannot get in a lobby without someone or another being a hacker.  I have looked at the scoreboard and there are 10's of thousands that have hacked scores, person's with 200000 per game average.  You would think that a company that has such top notch programmers could fix at least a few bugs in the system.

                      I have a small business and I like to give out COD games when they come out and even get play station's for some of the employee's that get in our clan and play in competitions online.  I am going to have to rethink this policy if they can't fix these problems. I really hope they do, otherwise this might be their last chance to keep COD from extinction pardon the pun.

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                        I think the new rubber duck camo released is the perfect indicator IW have no clue what a COD game is about. Expecting them to listen to the communtity is atad naive imho. As a company they are looking to attract new customers, and these customers are young children. Us older customers, those that have been around since WAW, are old news, we are being replaced and the company is changing the game to suite the new players not us.

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                          And the only part they really care about. ( The ones that will buy anything no matter how much it costs)