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    Clanwar record / most cp??



      can someone tell me please what is the record in clanwars?

      I ask because we get this clanwar about 1100cp, but i read it long time ago that the record is about 1200cp (not sure)



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          I dont believe they keep official records on the most CP earned in a single war.. besides it wouldnt matter anyways the variables are so wild that it wouldnt matter cause youd have to factor in clan members , time of play compared to others time of play average , which games types were played as well as division you're in.

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            seeing that you get an icon for scoring over 1,000, it happens quite often... i know i saw a boasting clan come on here not too long ago and they were aroudn 1,500

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              1 million (dr.evils voice) y would it matter?? You dont get extra points or reward. A win is a win and you can't really keep scoring points unless other clan reopen nodes etc. Even if u held all the nodes and accumulated points it won't be as high. Our highest ever I think was our 3 or 4th clan war in platinum we played against a psn clan that was playing 24/7 til the end and the scoreboard was 718cp for 1st and 663cp. oWo won of course. Hope that helped you. p.s. Yes at 1000 cp u get that patch but whoopdy do a patch lol.

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                Beachhead twitter is where I've seen some high scores mentioned . The scorimg system that they used the past two times for clan wars for bronze through platinum was set up to get high scores , more so than the previous clan wars.

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                  Highest clan war CP was set by Lethal Gaming. They broke 1450cp during the Rio de Janeiro war.


                  You can find them here:






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                      the wrestler

                      Do you have no way of verifying that those scores are the highest? As far as I can tell, BeachHead has never released any ranking pages. So any claims being made, are just that, claims.

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                          If you look through @Lethalgaming_ twitter pics you will see the screenshot of the 1450 score. Although it has not proven its the highest it is. If you want verify it with @TreyBeachhead he is an employee of beachhead and he could tell you.

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                              the wrestler

                              Ok? I never doubted they had 1,450. I'm sure they did. And I am very sure there are also many many other clans who have scored comparative numbers. And as you just stated, it hasn't been verified/proven that the 1,450 is better than others. So you are just speculating.


                              And I don't want to waste my time bugging Beachhead to prove it. I have well over a dozen more pressing questions on my plate to Beachhead, that I can't get answers too... and none of them involve doing ego-gratification work for lethal gaming on a high score record that is completely and utterly meaningless. Scoring the most points in these clan wars is heavily a function of having other clans/competition that can recap the nodes from you. As we all know, if your opponents all quit, you can't score many points.


                              So anyways, until they or you actually prove it, maybe you should stop tossing the claim around as one fact.

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                                  Lethal Gaming hold a few records in clan wars, they were the first clan to cap a node in both bronze - platinum leagues and Diamond Division. I believe they have around 100 members all highly active well organised.

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                                      As far as I know, Lethal Gaming did have a war with 1450 cp but that was the war in which the capture points did not change throughout the whole 6 days.  It would be a lot harder to top that now since they have changed the rules to make the cp less after every cap.  I know we racked up a ton of points in that war just by letting people take nodes because they were a high value and then taking it right back, with new rules its not worth even trying to cap anything unless the points are high, you gotta wait for them to go up.  Since there is no official leader board for any of this info about cp's everything is speculation.  I believe in the diamond division, Lethal Energy was the first clan to open up and capture a node, saw a tweet from beachhead congratulating them on that.  As far as overall leader boards, it has not been posted yet due to the cancellation on Sunday's diamond clan war for west coast and server issues on the playstation so they are still trying to work that all out,  Its too bad that the app does not provide us with more stats and information, as a clan leader I NEED more info about where my members stand in helping out in clan wars so unless I'm in a lobby with all my members I really dont know who is contributing, makes everyone's job more difficult.

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                                        the wrestler

                                        To Level 1

                                        Aren't we getting a little silly when we are boasting that a clan was the 'first' to open a node?


                                        If that's the only thing Beachhead verified about Lethal, I think it's time for them to chill out a bit and stop acting like doucherockets. What's next? The fastest clan to 126.50 points while 62.9% of it's clan members play the game with their penis out? Is that the next record we are going to brag about?