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    Is this the death of tactical equipment...?


      Playing through all the different game modes this last week and I've realised that nobody is using tacticals or grenades.  When was the last time you were flash banged? or for that matter, when did you know there was a guy in a room waiting for you and you breached with concussions and frags?

      Aside from occasional trophies, and strangely a surprising use of cannister bombs, I very rarely see any flashbangs, or explosives at all for that matter.  (except obviously IEDs which have forced Sitrep to become a permanent loadout addition on HC mode), seems most people take extra perk points instead.


      This may be a sweeping generalisation but seems to me Ghosts is all about the run and gun (or camp and snipe).  Guess I need to fire up the old BLOPS2 and reminisce storming the rooms playing Headquarters/Hardpoint on Hijack and Nuketown.

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          If you want to use more than one lethal or tactical per life you have to give up 3 (Lethal + Extra) or 2 (Tactical + Extra) perk points. Also, the geniuses at IW thought having scavenger only pick up bullets and throwing knives would be a good idea so even if you do like using them, the only way you can use them again is to die. Not really much incentive to use anything but a primary weapon.

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              A fair point, and you can never have enough perk points now that you can combine anything.  I certainly keep finding myself carrying one weapon and the rest perks.  But there is no map or game mode that would naturally lend itself to hand grenades or tacs as an essential piece of equipment.

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                  Because they are not meant to be essential parts of a loadout. The gun is, not the equipment and nor should it be ever.

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                      Broadly speaking I agree, we're all sitting here playing COD to shoot people, but the point I'm trying to make is is that there is rarely a situation where you think "I really wish I had a flashbang right now".  I'm not saying they should be standard equipment, I like the freedom of the new loadout system, the point is is it that I feel they are becoming non-equipment.


                      Incidentally, obviously my eyes are not as good as yours, but I once played a match on Strikezone, using an SMG loadout, and I was almost entirely killed by only IEDs, it was ridiculous! about 5 IEDs.

                      Personally I use them all the time, since you can chuck them in any corner, long grass, on vehicles (or on the ceilings for that matter), your eyes may be good but I get a lot of kills with IEDs.

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                          My eyes are far from good, I just take more time when moving about in area's that I have learned to be common places for IED placements. I still die to them from time to time when someone randomly places them in and unexpected area. But when I do that is my fault for not paying enough attention at that point.


                          I never needed nor liked the flashbang for really the are only effective as room entrance devices to stun anyone in the room, in the open they have always been fairly moot and not important. If you dont enter rooms/buildings much there is little reason to need them.


                          Sure they may be handy at times in the open and people still use them as such; but I tend to not carry mine since having more perks is better than a single use equipment.

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                    I actually like that there's less Lethal/Tactical usage. Not to say I want it gone entirely, but in ones like MW3 and BO2, you could barely go for that long each spawn before you were hit with a Flashbang, Concussion, Bouncing Betty, Claymore, EMP, Frag, Semtex, or C4 (or several) especially with people just constantly, randomly Hail Mary'ing them halfway across the map (ones that could anyway)..

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                      The only one I see a lot of is the Thermobaric, because for some reason it is a lethal tactical (what the what?).


                      Fact is, if you want to be able to Move on this game, you have to give up gear for perks. I have only a few classes with lethals or tacticals, I have had to give them and secondaries up for enough stealth perks to be able to move around the board with some effectiveness.


                      Campers don't have a need for them, typically, they just set up IEDs.

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                        When was the last time I was flashed.. just light night in about half the games I played. so no they are not dead at all.


                        and SR is not a permanent need even in HC.. I don't even think I have it on any of my classes on any of my 6 toons at the moment.. just use your eyes and slow down.


                        Hijacked and Noobtown were nothing but rush maps. Fun the first 2 times you played on them for a day.. stupid the rest of the time for they played the same every time thereafter.

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                          Great observation. I've eliminated both tactical and lethal from every class I've made since the day after release. This is coming from someone who threw and planted 10's of thousands of equipment in every CoD I've played. That is nothing less than amazing. I've really just concentrated on gun play.


                          I personally don't see how its a negative or would cause you to want to play BO2.

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                            From my experience, I've only noticed a small decrease in equipment use. I play a large variety of game types, core and HC. I've not been flashed as often, but these maps are larger than previous games. It used to be, you could chuck a random flash bang when you spawned, and if you thought about the direction you threw it, you had a much higher chance of hitting someone. A lot of these maps you can't even through half way across.
                            In objective-based modes, equipment can make a BIG difference. If you're trying to capture or defend a flag for domination, and you suddenly can't see anything, or are stunned and too slow to get to the objective (or to turn and shoot someone while you try to take it) you're screwed. Not to mention a well thrown lethal in an objective-based mode can mean the difference between taking it or losing it.

                            Now, I have noticed people using the grenade launcher attachment instead of a grenade or launcher secondary, because it gives them the explosive without losing a perk slot.

                            Personally, I have at least one or the other on most of my loadouts. I also play a more support role in my team, so that may be why. Racking up assist points like there's no tomorrow.

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                                But you lose your lethal if you carry an undermount grenade launcher, and you'll have to pay the extra lethals 2 points to get the extra round.  Although you can then still carry a secondary launcher.  Slap on Danger Close and you're away... might get 3-4 kills before you've fired a bullet.


                                The only objective mode where equipment counts is Domination, and then only on a few maps with central heavily contested points such as Whiteout, Octane and Warhawk, to name a few.  On whiteout in particular the Trophy system is the most useful thing you can carry.

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                                     Good post.  I've noticed I ONLY run my loadouts lacking a secondary/lethal/tactical on my more aggressive load outs.  If I'm running around, I find blast shield/sitrep is needed cause everyone LOVES the I.E.D.  There's 2 points.  Incog to keep from glowing like a lightning bug.  You can pretty much rest assured at least half the other team is using thermals.  I also feel the need to use dead silence as well, since footsteps are ridiculously loud on normal.  No way you are flanking anyone that is using amplify without it.  That's 7 points just to counter some very commonly used perks and equipment.  Let's say we use the last 1 point for ready up.


                                     I'd love to use a lethal or a tactical, but if I want anything besides my counter perks, I have to give them up.

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                                  You're not wrong with the lack of secondary equipment use. It's the opposite of BO2 where you could easily toss over 50 tactical grenades a game. All the examples I'm using are going to be in dom btw.


                                  Lack of resupply with scav packs is a pretty big reason why this is. There's no reason to waste 1-2 slots on tacticals or 1-3 for lethals when you only get 2 per life. It's a bummer because now the tacticals need more accuracy than emps with the larger maps in ghosts. If you could resupply tacticals, I'd consider using them more. Although that will probably lead to a nerf for thermobarics and possibly 9-bangs.


                                  I'm pretty bummed because tac mask and blast shield are not that useful anymore. Sure you can get killed by a semtex or w/e, but how often does that really happen in a game? Maybe 3-4 times tops? With blast shield it's useless against anyone with danger close and c4. Tac mask is about the same, I never have been killed enough because of tacticals to force me to wear tac mask. (applies to pretty much every game mode except maybe search)

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                                    buff scavenger