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    [PS4] Level 25 clan MYQ looking for active elite players.

      [iMYQ] is a PS4 only clan with a 2.7+ KDR and 75 win percentage.


      We are only interested in people that play cod ghosts on a regular basis and that will dedicate their time to clan wars. We have platinum wins and will be opting into diamond when we feel we have a fully dedicated squad that will not lose clan wars in diamond, period. As of now we have 36 members down from 60+ as almost half were cut for non participation.

      We are looking for players with over a 2.0KDr and 2.0 win percentage. Ideally we recruit players with over a 2.5KD as we are super competitive and go against the best of the best when we clan battle. We require both a high win percentage along with KDr to ensure that its an objective KDr and not just a camping KDr. Thats right, we want skilled players that go for the win!

      Lastly, this recipe for success has given us the ability to battle top clans such as legend elite, Np4u, i4ni, inCK and win. They have also beaten us a few times however, that just speaks to the level our clan plays at. We don't back out of lobbies because we can hold our own against anyone.

      If you think you are a good candidate and want to be a part of this already ass stomping clan submit your application on the ghosts app or contact us on PSN.

      Commander PSN: Rico3in1

      Lt. Commander PSN: iDropShottedJFK