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    Is the money worth it

      So right now a local store has COD Ghost on sale, the basic game for 39.99 and the hardened for 79.99. Im wondering on what one I should buy, if the DLC maps are worth it I will just get the normal game but if the maps are worth it I will get the hardened. I plan on upgrading the game to the ps4 if that is still possible

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          As admiral ackbar said in star wars:


          It's a trap!

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            You can still upgrade Ghost to the ps4 till December 23 2014.. around there or at least I can with the code in the case. I don't know if that is still included in the game thought. As for what one to buy, it really depends on are you going to get the dlc maps.

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              If you haven't watched the trailer for the Onslaught DLC, I would highly recommend it. It will change your perspective. In the long run, you are saving quite a chunk of cash buying the hardened edition. 40$ + 2 map pack = 70$ including season pass which gives you all four of the map packs. You are seeing a savings of about 30$ depending on your location and tax rates.

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                I personally don't think Ghosts at the moment is worth the money, I've heard the DLC is a vast improvement on the current maps although i'm yet to see them (due to being a PS3 player and refusal to watch spoilers). I guess it has potential to be a better game, but they need to be good maps in the DLC's and they need to get rid of people modding, glitching, hacking... whatever you want to call it.