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    Diamond Division Clan War: Cairo Rewards

      Beachhead Studio would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part in the first Diamond Division Clan War. We very much appreciate your enthusiasm for this new way to play Clan Wars, and the patience you showed over the course of the Clan War.

      During the final day of the Clan War there was an issue that prevented a number of PlayStation Network users from playing online, which negatively impacted their ability to be competitive in the last few hours of this Diamond Division Clan War.


      We're committed to fair play and to providing a level competitive play experience for all Clans, and have put together what we believe is a reasonable solution for the assignment of Diamond Division rewards.


      For those who took place in the East Coast region, we will be recreating the Diamond Division Clan War leaderboards from the time when the issue first emerged, and will then compare each Clan's standing at that point in time with the final outcome of the Clan War. Each Clan will then receive placement for whichever of the two positions is higher.


      All Diamond Division participants who finished in 4th place or higher will receive credit towards War Cry unlocks. Similarly, every Clan who placed in the top four in their Diamond Division Clan War will receive credit towards Body Count unlocks. This is not a new qualification for receiving these credits, it applies for the Cairo war only to ensure that no Clan loses out due to the late breaking issue.


      All Diamond Division rewards will be issued around 48-hours from the time of this posting.


      Xbox and PC users will see these rewards as soon as they have been issued.  PlayStation users will only see these after the next game update – we are working with Sony to make these available as soon as possible.


      Diamond Points for the overall leaderboard will be based on your actual standing at the end of the Clan War, taking into account the provisions made for Clans who competed in the East Coast region.


      Again, we'd like to thank all of the Clans for their participation in this first Diamond Division Clan War, and welcome any feedback you have regarding this new way to compete.