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    Create our own Camos?????


      Okay Cod has allowed us to personalize our weapons with pre-made camos since Cod 4, and here we are in 2014, next gen, cod ghost era, still choosing pre-made camos, not to mention that the gold camo has not look good since blk ops, however I think its time for us to be able to make our own camos, do you?????  Tweet about it, Blog, Facebook or something.  I love COD and I have every one that came out, but it is time for some changes. Its starting to be talmost the same every year..

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          To make it so that we would create our own camos would probably be too much for them to do not to mention that Ghosts is already a 32gb download what do you think it would be to put in even more personalization options? I can see how to do it though. they could give us the option like they do with creating our own emblem for our clan. If they put the same type of system in place for ghosts then it could work

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            Not to mention, it would have to be tightly moderated because of all the perverts that would try to put on some nasty camos.

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              Yeah, I couldn't count how many swastikas made of penises (not to mention female genitalia and boops) I saw in BO2 emblems. Camoes would be even worse 'cause it'd be on a weapon.

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                Although the idea is quite cool, it just wouldn't be feasible,


                From the implementation / programming to the size of the game or moderating the content.


                Plus there are a lot of micro transaction DLC camos, if we could make our own they wouldn't be as rare / exclusive.


                I always find there are plenty of cool camo's to pick and quite like the spectrum camo im rocking right now,.

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                  I think they should make pro team camos. Like Optic, NV, Faze, coL, etc.

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                      One of my favorite topics, I think this is possible but not custom camos, just picking the design you want like (Tiger Stripe, Digital others included...) and than adding your choice of colors to it.. I hope the Character customization sticks around but maybe with a little more customization ( changing colors of body count masks, Helmets, Ghillie Suits even Fatigue color) I just wish the design a emblem feature was a permanent fixture