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    Leper and accuracy challenges

      Improvements still need to be made to the "find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds" challenge.


      One time he spawned outside of the map boundary, didn't even bother coming onto the map, I shot him and he simply ran so far away outside of the map that it wasn't possible for me to shoot him.


      Another time he ran behind the electric fence near the second barrier hive and went behind the buildings there making it not possible to get him.


      Other times we were unable find him.


      How to fix:


      1. Spawn him closer to the players.


      2. Change his logic so he doesn't run off the map to places we can't attack him.


      Also please remove the 50% and 75% accuracy challenge from the final hive on Point of Contact.


      An improvement of the challenges still needs to be done.


      The first challenge in Point of Contact (don't take damage one) is also one to think about because towards the end of the drill there is often a "rush" of aliens which attack once which ends up in someone being hit. This challenge is even more difficult if everyone is running the do less damage relic as they might not be able to finish their target off in one clip therefore causing a reload in turn causing a failed challenge.


      Perhaps reduce the "rush" on the first hive if we get that challenge.


      The melee only one at the beginning makes much more sense.

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          I've never had the 75% accuracy on the final hive of POC. I myself have a ver very very difficult time completing the 50% accurracy, of the times I have completed it, someone usually gets downed, including myself.


          The "dont take damage" challenges isn't all that difficult; take advantage of your sentrys, vultures and traps. If you are using relics, you can expect all this to be much more difficult in relation to not using any relics.


          I wouldnt take these challenges away from the game, instead perhaps determine during what part of the game they can prompt up, the 50% accurracy is almost impossible in hive 13 and 14. However, these awkward challenges encourage the player to think and create diverse strategies, differente from what they usually do, so I wouldnt delete them from the game so quickly, they just need some elaboration so they're not near impossible.


          In my experience with the Leper, if you are near where it spawns, it doesnt even bother to come out and play. so going to where you always kill it isnt so wise, because if you beat it there, he most likely will not arrive. the leper challenge is probably the challenge that needs most modification.

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              The don't take any damage challenge in Point of Contact only happens on the first hive therefore you can't use sentries or vultures on that hive.

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                  im sorry, i misunderstood the challenge with the one you cant get hit by the red iluminated creepy bugs that crawl . lol.


                  yeah that one of the two first challenges "dont take damage" can be difficult if your team doesnt focus or keep good distance from the aliens. it would be great if everyone could start with the ammo type of their preference.

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                  I think the point the OP is trying to get across about the 'take no damage' challenge is it's at the very beginning of the level - on the first hive where you only have $500 and your pistol, usually one of your team does get hit and the challenge is then failed, personally if we get the accuracy challenge on the last hive we don't even try to do it.

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                      Thats very true, I dont even try to do the 50% accuracy, unless i see the rest of the team trying it, or if someone calls it, then i give it a go. thats why its important to complete all the challenges up to the 2nd hive barrier, so you wont be so dependent on getting skill points in the cabin area.

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                          I always start out with trying the 50% accuracy, but if more often than not, someone (or multiple) shoot, and the accuracy goes right down to 20%. SO then I'm just "ok, guess we're not doing this challenge". Which is frustrating, especially if we've done ALL challenges up until that point, then everyone just totally ignores this one, thinking it's too hard. Which it isn't.

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                          If you all have sentries you can let them do a lot of the work, I myself use the M27-IAR and fire in small bursts and it works farily well. It's still a difficult one but we get it most of the time.

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                        In my opinion... you need to man up buttercup.


                        Yes... Lepers are pains in the ass to find sometimes. Most of the time they run right by you, if you are smart enough to get up to high ground where you can see them over the the other "soon to be dead" aliens that usually get in your line of sight. Also, don't shoot at them until you are close enough to get the kill. Like any intelligent animal (artificially intelligent in this case), it will run away when its being shot. So... once again, don't shoot it until you are close enough to finish the job.


                        As far as the shot percentage challenge... its just that.... a CHALLENGE. The fact that it is hard for you to accomplish this feat only proves the fact that the actions required to overcome the task are true to the definition of the word. Please heed the advice at the start of this post.


                        If you are ready to accomplish this challenge rather than trying to complain it out of existence, I would recommend you communicate with your teammates and be sure that by the later stages you have employed a strategy that has included some seriously upgraded Strike Packages: IMS(s), Turrets and Vultures mixed with some accurate shooting. Don't forget that the Rino is a pretty big target and an easy way to seriously boost the team's percentage when he finally shows his ugly face.


                        Anyway... I hope you find these tips helpful and accept my mildly condescending tone for what it is... a cunning attempt to motivate you to communicate more, follow advice of your teammates and never give in to a challenge.


                        All the best,


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                            You are the one who needs advice.


                            I stated the don't take challenge should be IMPROVED on. I don't mind it being there but sometimes there is a rush of aliens towards the end which makes it a bit too difficult.


                            "If you are ready to accomplish this challenge rather than trying to complain it out of existence" - Please state where I said the challenge should be removed.


                            And please state where I asked for advice? You're giving me advice when you have no idea of what my skills are like in extinction.


                            "If you are ready to accomplish this challenge rather than trying to complain it out of existence, I would recommend you communicate with your teammates and be sure that by the later stages you have employed a strategy that has included some seriously upgraded Strike Packages: IMS(s), Turrets and Vultures mixed with some accurate shooting. Don't forget that the Rino is a pretty big target and an easy way to seriously boost the team's percentage when he finally shows his ugly face."

                            Erm I don't know why you're telling me to come up with a strategy and telling me to communicate. I am THE one who communicates out of the whole team. I done completionist on Nightfall twice in a row, I helped a beginner with his first escape on Point of Contact and got him completionist at the same time. We got the 50% accuracy challenge on the final hive yet still completed it. A different time I fought against 5 rhinos and still managed to save my teammates and escape.

                            Maybe you're just generally giving advise and not pointing towards that I need advice?

                            The difficulty gap between the two challenges at the beginning "melee only" and "don't take any damage" is huge.

                            I personally don't fail either, my teammates usually do when I play with randoms and the alien"rush" is described doesn't help either.

                            The challenge needs a slight reduction in difficulty.

                            Take my advice and learn when someone needs and advice and when the don't.


                            I don't mean to put myself forward as aggressive, maybe you're just giving some tips on how to play but I will say I don't need tips.

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                              youre an idiot, and the sensitive insults. my gosh. i find it extremely irritating reading bs like yours especially if you dont know sht, and pretend you do.

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                                  my gosh... that was insightful


                                  thanks for contributing to the thread spider and also bringing to light the sham that is the ranking system. People like myself that have achieved the master prestige ranking can easily reach such levels by pretending and you should avoid playing with people like myself when you are faced with that decision in the game lobby.


                                  ***Not you CodPro3 you should stay in those lobbies... you sound like someone that can take a joke and you don't throw around filthy hurtful language like the word "idiot". LOLOLOLOL


                                  All joking aside I'd be happy to play with anyone that likes this game as much as I do. That invite especially includes you spider. If you care enough to post to these threads you likely just want to help make this game even better than it already is. No hard feelings people. Invites are always welcome... or you can hold a grudge if that's your thing. To each his own.

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                                On the first hive "take no damage" always make sure you look for the nearby items.  The best is of course the flare but only if you use it after the first 'wave' or it'll run out before the final rush of aliens.  The SOCOM is useful too but can create a lot of smoke and if you miss then you might inadvertently screw up the challenge by making it harder for everyone else to make the kills.  Obviously you can pick up special ammo as well which will help put the aliens down.

                                You shouldn't get hacked off with the difficult challenges, as has been pointed out, they're challenges.  Especially so if running relics, they're there to make it harder, that's the point.  and you should be able to take down those aliens in one full auto clip with relics, just be more accurate.


                                I'm with you with the Leper though, sometimes the pesky scrote just hides away behind that second barrier hive building, leaving you screaming at the screen...

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                                  I have more difficulty finding the Leper since the last update.

                                  I liked it better before.  But before and after; I almost never get him in the Cabin area.


                                  we always have the hives covered with Sentries in the Cabin area, it makes it very difficult to avoid killing the leper with a sentry gun and if you don't use sentries you'll get overwhelmed with aliens.


                                  I don't know what would be the best solution but the leper is my most despised challenge.  Running Solo 5 relics, I chase and shoot at him until he runs away (the inflict less damage relic makes it difficult)

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                                    I myself play quite a bit of extinction because I love the game mode. Some of the challenges are difficult but they can't all be too easy or it takes away some of the fun. You just have to sometimes stop and think to yourself what might work and try it. If it works keep doing it, if not then come up with a better plan I hope I'm not sounding rude, just giving a bit of my opinions and advice. Also for the 50% on one of the last 2 hives, I get this challenge a lot and find that if you have everyone set up sentries and then just knife/grenades/soflam it is very doable, almost comedic when you watch the aliens die as fast as they do. I hope I have helped some.

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                                        I myself don't have a problem doing these challenges. It is when I am with randoms. On the don't take damage one when the rush happens and a teammate or two doesn't have spot on acuracy they will most likely need to reload, there will be like three or 4 aliens so all of us will then have a higher likelihood of failing it.


                                        As for the 50% accuracy one, I have done it on the final hive but most of extinction is based on randoms teaming up together and most of the are average or still learning and even pro players really need to know their stuff when getting the 50% accuracy one on the final hive.


                                        It seems the best method of doing it would be to have fully upgraded vultures, fully upgrade sentries and IMS's called in to get it done.


                                        I personally have seen the thread someone made about putting in new challenges and would love for IW to include some of these challenges in the new extinction map in the Devastation DLC. It'll give extinction some more excitement.


                                        Although IW need to focus more on which challenges don't work well on certain hives for the next DLC too. I don't want a problem with impossible challenges again.


                                        At least 80% of extinction matches are with randoms so they will find it very hard to do the 50% accuracy challenge on the final hive. Even after some thought I guess the sentries/vulture/IMS method would bring the difficulty down greatly, thatt's the method I and my teammates used to complete it anyway, we did suffer a few downs though. I'm just thinking of a more larger scale that most extinction players will have a very difficult time getting it done.

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                                        leeper challenge is a pain in the **** but it has set spawns and if u stay far enough away from it and dont shoot u wont scare it off the map so wait to get a clear shot and learn its spawns. dont take any damage is really really easy. stand back and call out which side its coming from so the whole team can kill the same one. as for accuricy on last hive ive seen it once and its fairly simple cuz all u have to do is afk behind sentries and just guard them. the main issue on last hive is the scorpions (yay for being a medic) but if u have sentires covering the hills and keep them dead its a cake walk just keep hunters off ur turrets and when there on it its a easy shot to a non moving target just burst fire

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                                          Im still new but the challenges seem just fine so far, maybe except for the leeper one.


                                          But if you are having trouble on the first t-3 challenges, you simply need to either get better or communicate more.


                                          I personally run a tank setup, so by hive 2,  I can 1 hit kill with melee, this makes the accuracy a cinch, I shoot once (100%)

                                          and then melee the rest.

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                                              I'm not having any trouble with the challenges and I don't need to get better.


                                              You admitted you are quite new to extinction so there are some things you still need to learn about some of the challenges.


                                              The only problem I had with the take no damage one on the first hive on Point of Contact was the "rush" needed a slight adjustment. I handle myself fine but most of the time noobs end up getting hit.


                                              I'm a highly experienced extinction player. I know where every challenge should and shouldn't be in terms of hive difficulty for both maps pretty much.


                                              Anyway IW have been patching challenges to improve on them.

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                                              A lot of challenges (on both maps) can be really difficult sometimes. This includes things like the leper running outside the map or only getting 2 meteor spawns when you need to kill 10 seekers. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating, but I also like the fact that it makes the game more challenging and unpredictable (and for me more fun). But overall, I've played with a lot of people who would agree with you that some of the challenges could use some patching.

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                                                  Also I've noticed in Nightfall the "kill 8 aliens by each player causing damage" one might need patching.


                                                  It can be given on a hive before the first breeder battle where mostly scouts spawn therefore making it very difficult to do.


                                                  How many shots does it take to kill a scout? The answer to this question has an influence on the difficulty of the challenge on a hive where mostly scouts spawn.


                                                  It's not good if you get the challenge on an early hive and scouts take three shots to kill because that makes the challenges impossible.

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                                                  Id like to see the challenges fixed in the respect to running pistols only relic.... still to this day after 3-4 patches and updates whether its solo play or a team using pistols only we still get SMG / SHOTGUN / LMG challenges. PLEASE fix this soon its really annoying to be trying for completionist and get gyped on it by things out of your control

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                                                    With random players i find it frustrating that not all want to do the challenges mmm , without those its difficult to beat the finale challenge , i was lucky one night the ones i just happened to be with we did play well together & made it to the flight home , i have made it to the last hive many times , im too tight to buy a mic but do listen to the ones wealthy enough that has them , when i hear them say do the challenges its then i think great stuff , im on it all the time  

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                                                      Its called a challenge because it can be challenging.  Take all difficulty from them and they could just be called easies instead.

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                                                        50% accuracy anywhere in the third area I just buy the bulldog and shoot the whole time, no big deal. Don't take damage, just stay in the left corner and shoot or use a grenade turret and blast everything. Leper challenges are all possible but someone needs to be upgrading and actually throw feral. Also a little tip, if you get leper on last hive make sure people don't have sentry guns aimed all over the place, as a sentry killing it will fail the challenge.

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                                                          All challenges are near impossible if playing with noobs who aren't listening or don't know to pay attention to them.  I've been playing Mayday recently, trying to get completionist on solo.  Most challenges there aren't that bad unless you get them in bad places, like getting a prone challenge on the final hive, you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly and if seeders spawn early while your prone, can overwhelm you with those shooting flowers.  The only ones I would change is the leper and marked aliens, I've been doing ok with finding the leper recently but can be impossible, it should at least be in the vicinity, I've had times where I run all around the map and never see it, really it's kind of a luck challenge, if you luckily run into it somewhere.  Marked aliens, I played a game of Mayday last night, got marked aliens on last hive before gas.  The first alien that popped up was a Hunter and it was marked, I started unloading into it and it changed to unmarked while I was shooting it.  Now that is BS! 


                                                          All other challenges are fine, yeah they are tough, but that's what it's meant to be.  wouldn't be fun if it wasn't.  50% challenge is extremely easy if your solo or playing with people that try.  I use the MR 28 most of the time in POC, and I can wail away with that gun and hit 50%, so solo POC, I actually love that challenge near the end because it's easy.  Learn to use a VKS or MR 28 and the 50% challenge is cake.

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                                                              Trap challenge in the container area is tough if you're at the back hive. best bet is to have someone build a tesla.


                                                              Over all, challenges are pretty easy if you ppl know what they are doing.  I do agree that the game will barely spawn 10 in 30 seconds, (NF and Exodus) that is the most frustrating of all challenges along with all marked aliens.