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    Clan Wars has ended, how did your clan do?

      I know a lot of people have been talking about struggling, whether it's app issues etc... But i'm sure there are positive stories out there. Plus i'm interested in how other people have gotten on, so talk about which division your clan is in, how it went and where you finished.


      My own clan are in Platinum, we are eligible for Diamond although we want all members to have the camo before we move on. This clan war was far more laid back than the last for us we finished with 719 points, the clan in second finished further back on 156 points. Compared to Antarctica which went down to the last day we won with 792 while the other clan ended up with 731 so they put up a hell of a fight. This is our 3rd overall win as a clan, some of us were part of a previous clan and others had managed clan wins elsewhere before we made this one. Hopefully the next clan war will be as good! (with hopefully less app issues)

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