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    Clan Leader kicked out of clan. Is this a glitch?

      I'm the clan leader of SIOC, SIO Praetor Corp. The other members can even see my listed as their Commander.


      The problem arises with me. Both on the app for the phone, and on my XBOX 360, it shows me as not being in a clan at all. It also won't let the LTC's of my clan to send me a clan invite.


      I also just looked, it has taken every reward I've earned being the clan Commander. The patches, the Body count, everything. I didn't accidentally do this either. I went to work and came home and this was happening. No one else has access to my account or anything.


      I can go to one of the clan's members, and click view clan, and I am looking at myself sitting in the clan commanders position with most hours played.


      All, I'm looking for is some information. Is this happening to other people. Will it be fixed. Will my Rewards be returned to me? Or...should I just go sell the game?