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    From bad to WORST

      I made this discussion this morning.


      I have 4 Clan War Wins, But No Body Count Uniform


      Basically, I have won 4 clan wars and was wondering where my Body Count Uniform was. Today, I get home from work and look to find all of my gear and patches have been reset.....along with being magically removed from my clan. I am extremely upset at this point. It's f'ing hilarious. I went from wondering where my 4th clan war win reward was to having absolutely nothing. I've grinded out 4 f'ing clan wars and this is what I get. I know everyone is saying to wait atleast 36 hours to get rewards, but I received all of my other achievements last night (full sweep emblem, and octopus patch). Someone please tell me how to fix this. I want to break my ps4 at this point.... ! Gypsy816 samprotagonist

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