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    Shutting down of Elite. Does this closed door mean another will be opening?

      First off I'd like to know what will happen with my beloved Founder status. Do I have to remove "Call of Duty ELITE Founder" off my resume?


      I felt Elite was great...in principle. It brought together a lot of stats and abilities like making class changes. It also allowed you to interact with you Clan. The only issue, and it's clear that these issues weren't easy to fix, really made it tough to use.


      With Elite going down does this mean Activision and Co. are working on a new way to control your account? I'd like to think so. I know it's a huge undertaking. There are millions of accounts to manage and with its billions of stats that come pouring in each day. I wish them the best of luck with what task they are heading up and hope that they figure out a way to effectively manage an online account manager.