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    CoD getting progressively worse?

           I have been playing Call of Duty since Call of Duty 2 and have loved it every step of the way. Call of Duty 4 was the best one I played and will always be the best. I have never came across someone who said they didn't like it. WaW and MW2 were great games as well, however I feel with the introduction of all the killstreaks on MW2 paved the way for players to start camping in order to get those killstreaks. I never had a problem on CoD4 or WaW with players camping.......because they had no reason to! They were the simplest, yet best CoD's still to this day. Ever since them, CoD has seemed to be getting progressively worse. Especially with this new generation of 10 year olds and way too many pointless features being added in today.


           With the exception of the first Black Ops, Ghosts is the worst CoD to date.......IMO. There's people out there that like it and hey I get it, but from pro player's view I think it's a terrible game. Like there's no point in adding in the leaning and sliding features, that's just copying Battlefield. Plus, you get dropped SO fast in Ghosts. Core mode seems like Hardcore! Whoever gets the first shot wins the gunfight. You have no chance to jump, dropshot, run away, etc. It's ridiculous! I know there's gotta be people out there that feel the way I do. I have NO CLUE why Infinity Ward cannot figure this out and just go back to the way things were and start making CoD like it was back in the day. Revamp CoD4 or WaW, add new maps, ranks, game winning killcam, and theater mode, and I guarantee CoD would get a better rating then it's getting now. Everyone I talk to nowadays say they don't like CoD as much as they used to and it's sad! It's dying out and they're not doing anything about it.


      Please let me know your opinions on this.

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          1. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

          If this a year ago, I would have related to this post more. In my opinion, Ghosts has come closer to CoD4, WaW, and MW2 than the past 3 titles.


          M40A3Supremacy wrote:


              I never had a problem on CoD4 or WaW with players camping.......because they had no reason to!


          The only thing that has changed is what you consider a problem because there certainly was camping back then. This when I learned the term. Airstrikes, helicopters, dogs and k/d are more than enough to cause people to camp. Besides it being a tactic, there are people scared to move in fear of being killed.


          Times change, games change, people change. Even if there was a game that resembled CoD4 to a tee, it wouldn't be the same.

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            2. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

            I'd really like to know how you think Ghosts relates closer to CoD4 more than any other CoD. Please elaborate.


            It's not just what I consider a problem, the majority of players i interact with these days consider that to be a problem too......along with numerous other problems. The CoD's nowadays have way too much **** in them: shock charges, trophy systems, bettys, claymores, emp grenades, c4 that you can throw half way across the map, dozens of attachments and killstreaks, motion sensors, riot shields, etc. I could keep going! And more than half of all of them are gay as hell. The games are made for new players who don't have a clue so they can easily get kills. I understand the company does this so people buy the game but it's driving off dedicated players who have been with the series for years.

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              3. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

              Not necessarily. Each game has evolved, some things have worked, others have failed.


              Nostalgia is a powerful thing... we see the older games with Rose Colored glasses and forget the issues and things that made us mad.


              Our attitudes have changed. Plain and simple. The CoD Community, somewhere along the line... became entitled. Instead of seeing what the new game had to offer, they felt the game should be built around their own needs and wants. They complained about different play styles. The Devs had to adjust to the changing community.. offering different options for different players.


              Somewhere down the line, stats became more important than having fun. Players began to find the easy way out...using the easiest, most powerful guns. Finding ways to spawn trap or spawn camp. Using perks or loadouts that lessened the challenge. The games began to reflect this. While in old games you had to earn everything... the Devs caved in to complaints of having to "grind" for things and we have what we have now... where it takes no work to unlock your favorite guns, perks or equipment.


              I think if anything in the games themselves has suffered it might be in quality control (though anyone who played MW2 at launch may scoff at that, as that game had SERIOUS issues at launch). But while the games have changed, people forget that the internet infrastructure has as well. ISP offerings are more diverse than ever, and more widespread. While speeds used to be consistent, they are now offered in a variety of speeds and delivery methods.


              A lot has changed... but more than anything.. we have.


              I mentioned in another thread that if you reversed the timeline... Say Ghosts came out in 2007 and COD4 today... you'd be getting the same complaints, and people would be waxing poetic about how great Ghosts was while picking COD4 apart.

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                4. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

                I agree, some things have worked and somethings haven't. But you gotta take into account that the bad outweighs the good. More bad things are added in than good things, which baffles me because the company should consider the community's opinions and work towards complying with them the best they can.


                This is true as well but 95% of players I've brought this up with have felt the same way. Even if CoD4 wasn't their favorite CoD, they still said it was the best one and always will be. The gameplay, maps, weapons, simplicity, everything about it.


                The "stats became more important than having fun" aspect was born because of the rise of competitive play. MLG, Pro Circuits, Tournaments, all of these made players more competitive and hungry for victory, which carried over into regular public matches. Players want those good stats for bragging rights. Granite I don't know how you have fun when you're not doing well though, I sure as hell don't have fun sucking ass. And yes Devs have to compromise with the community by adding in "noob" stuff so the it's easier for new players.


                Still, I have never had this much trouble with a Call of Duty before. I've held at least a 2.5 K/D on every CoD to date EXCEPT Ghosts. The game is just so weird and different. I can't even adapt to it! I guarantee if they would revamp CoD4 with everything i previously stated, it would be the top game again.

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                  5. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

                  Ghosts is up there with the best of em

                  Cod 4>WaW>Ghosts>BO>MW3>MW2>>>>>>>>>>BO2

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                    6. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

                    M40A3Supremacy wrote:


                    I'd really like to know how you think Ghosts relates closer to CoD4 more than any other CoD. Please elaborate.


                    Overall, its just a gut feeling that I experienced since release. CoD4 was my introduction to the franchise. It was nothing short of amazing. When Ghosts was released, I was prepared for a collision, thinking it was going to follow in the footsteps of BO2 and MW3 which I found to be the most frustrating games to date.


                    Surprisingly, the drastic change in map design blew me away. It was like I was playing Call of Duty for the first time all over again. I find it to be more tactical than the non stop action that MW2 introduced to me and the way I've been playing since. This is my only way to descibe this feeling I experienced. Its not as easy as naming guns, attachments, perks, or killstreaks. Its more like map design causing a different take on tactics.

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                      7. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

                      Okay I can understand that, but for me that'd be the only thing. The gameplay is nothing like it.

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                        8. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

                        Thats is the worst list i have ever seen lmao

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                          9. Re: CoD getting progressively worse?

                          Aah, now we see your real issue. Your k/d has went down, so its a terrible game.

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