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    Rate your favorite COD  from best to worst

      alright guys this is a very simple thread rate all of the call of duty games from best to worst i love COD 3 but we are going to start from COD4 up to COD: Ghosts now some people may have different opinions than others so try to keep the bashing to a minimum but offer constructive critisim so my list as follows


      1. Call of duty 4 by far the best COD ever made

      2. Call of duty MW2

      3. Call of duty Black ops 2

      4. Call of duty Waw

      5. Call of duty Ghosts

      6. Call of duty Black ops 1

      7. Call of duty MW3 is by far the worst in my opinion i mean theres not that much difference between MW2 and MW3 and i was just expecting alot more from this game


      So whats your list?

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          Alright, I'll play along


          The following list is ranked by the fun I had playing...


          1) WAW - I had so much fun with this tile... Only 7 kills for dogs = greatness...

          2) BO2 - Had a blast with HC TDM. A lot of the bs in core - head  glitches, snipers, shotguns, etc, was nullified in HC...

          3) Ghosts - I really don't get all the hate this game gets. My fav game mode TDM sucks, but I'm having fun with the other game modes - mostly DOM...

          4) BO1 - Wish I still had it

          5) MW3 - The introduction of Kill Confirmed saved this game for me...

          6) COD 4 - This was my first FPS EVER. There was a steep learning curve for me. I had just came off of playing 2-3 years of Ghost Recon - a 3rd person shooter. Not knocking this title - just didn't have as much fun as in other COD games...

          7) MW2 - One Man Army single handily ruined this game for me. I refuse to rank it higher because of it...

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              1. COD4 (Hands down ahead of its time)

              2. BO (Best 3arch game they ever made, so many great things in that game)

              3. MW2 (Great step up from COD4)

              4. MW3 (Really MW2.5, but still good)

              5. Ghosts (Should have been better and full of hackers)

              6. W@W (Crap, buggy, laggy massive let down after COD4, tanks seriously?)

              7. BO2 (Would have been good, just unplayable online, tried to speed up the engine too much)

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                I only started playing CoD from MW2 onwards, but my order of merit is...


                1. Black Ops

                2. MW3

                3. MW2

                4. Black Ops 2

                5. Ghosts

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                     i didnt put as much time in cod4 as I have the rest, so I dont think I can judge it fairly.


                  1.) black ops

                  2.) WaW

                  3.) mw2

                  4.) ghosts

                  5.) mw3

                  6.) bo2

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                    1. COD4

                    2. WAW






                    8. Atari E.T.

                    9. Elf Bowling

                    10. Russian Roulette




                    1000. Call of Duty Ghosts. Honestly the worst video game I have every played, none excluded. It's boring, lag comp issues, campers dream game.

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                      1 - BO1

                      2 - BO1

                      3 - BO1

                      4 - BO1

                      5 - BO1

                      6 - BO1

                      7 - BO1

                      8 - BO1

                      9 - BO1

                      10 - BO1

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                        In declining order from worst to best for me


                        10. Modern Warfare 3 - there was so much wrong with this title that I won't even begin to humor elaborating... The story was its only redeeming feature, and even that was rushed at best... wish it were otherwise.


                        9. Call of Duty 1 - nothing particularly wrong with the original, it was what it was, started a great WW2 storyline that IW started and Treyarch finished.


                        8. Modern Warfare 2 - despite the time I put into this title, it was riddled with stupid complications and glitches that mar my experience overall. The story was great (yes, I do play CoD for the story as well as multi-player, I'm not a mark).


                        7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - this game set the standard for current CoD multi-player, which only Treyarch improved upon.. IW has since never lived up to what they forged in this title... and the story was fairly powerful at times for the real world events of the last decade in terms of our war overseas.


                        6. Call of Duty 2 - a great game in terms of storyline and the feeling the original game was trying to get across, but the mechanics were flat and outdated by 2005 standards...


                        5. Call of Duty 3 - ramped up the scale and epic feeling introduced and eluded to in the first two, Treyarch proved themselves as developers and people that understood war and the feel of it... the presentation was highly memorable, even if the overall mechanics weren't much different from the previous two titles.


                        4. Call of Duty: Ghosts - this current game has its problems, as every game does of course, but it by no means earns a position lower on the list (my list that is). The story was a bit bombastic and movie-like, but that was a good thing, the only problem I felt was the game didn't seem to know what it was trying to be until the final two chapters of the campaign.. lol as for multi-player, it is by no means worse than previous IW installments except in terms of spawn system... it's just lazy, plain and simple...


                        3. Black Ops 2 - I did not experience half the problems in multi-player that many did, and honestly it all just clicked for me. I had an excellent online experience with this Call of Duty title, one that is only trumped by the previous title in this CoD series. The storyline was not as solid as the original Black Ops, but it was just as psychological when you switched from David back to his father, Alex, from the first Black Ops. During David's missions it was more action film oriented and felt a lot like an IW CoD, and in that.. it was a jarring experience sometimes. In multi-player, again, I just understood it and it clicked. I understood how the spawn system worked, which people just didn't want to it felt... everyone just wanted to complain. Oh well, can't fix stupid as they say. I still really enjoyed this title, regardless of the plethora of hatred it seems to get.


                        2. Black Ops - this game turned the tide from MW2 and gave us something incredibly psychological in terms of story. This is where Call of Duty took a turn from chintzy summer blockbuster storyline, to psychological thrill ride.. and it was awesome to me. Many will disagree, but I'm more inclined to well thought out stories than on-the-rails A to B plots that offer no surprises. In terms of gameplay, it evolved what Treyarch did with World at War (which was the CoD 4 engine, just updated without removing anything that made 4 work so well) and we got a smooth experience that to me really felt like my character was PART of the world he was in, rather than just sort of.. programmed in.. some will get what I mean. Also, it had great support in terms of fixes and patches, something Treyarch excels at. Online, it had some issues, but nothing felt imbalanced and nothing was uncounterable... in that, it was more of a solid multi-player experience than basically any title above it here.


                        1. World at War - this game is still my favorite Call of Duty, and is still the pinnacle of my multi-player experiences with this franchise. The story was epic on every account - a two-sided journey with beautifully presented visuals. It was wonderfully written, featured two awesome actors for two awesome characters, and the music was so haunting and just.. ahh, my cup of perfect tea lol online, I've never had a more solid experience. Glitches were fixed in short order, weapon balancing was minimal as no one weapon was better than any other.. it all just worked so well together. Limbs blew off, musical cues added haunting emotion to tense moments.. f'ing tanks... just f'ing tanks lol and the killstreak system was simple and obtainable even by people that weren't very good at the game... like I said above, it took what made CoD 4 the genesis of the modern CoD multi-player experience, upgraded it, smoothed it out, and lost nothing that made 4 remarkable for its time. I doubt I will ever have as fond of memories as I have with this title with any other Call of Duty, but now that Treyarch gets an extra year to make their titles, the possibility once again exists... mmm!

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                          1) CoD4 (I guess besides the fact that almost all of my friends played it, I had a lot of general fun with it)

                          2) MW3 (I still play it when Ghosts takes a poop during the day)

                          3) BO1 (Had some originality, some of the main things that concerned me was the guns, especially silenced - sounded like someone fapping)

                          4) Ghosts (I love all the different customizations, just doesn't have the 'IT' factor for me.)

                          5) MW2 (It was fun, and all had good things until the OMA abuse.)

                          6) BO2 (Didn't quite mind it, but it felt like all it was about was running around like a chicken with your head cut off.)

                          7) W@W (Only reason why I have this here is because when I started playing W@W is when all the hackers and modders played.)

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                            1. Ghosts

                            2. Cod 4: MW

                            3. Black Ops 1


                            My first call of duty was cod 2 which came bundled with my xbox 360, but it wouldn't even crack my top 5.

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                              1. Call of Duty: Black Ops

                              2. Call of Duty: Ghosts

                              3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

                              4. Modern Warfare 3

                              5. Call of Duty 5: World at War

                              6. Black Ops 2

                              7. Modern Warfare 2

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                                1. MW2

                                2. Ghost

                                3. Black Ops

                                4. MW3

                                5. Blops 2

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                                  1. Cod Ghosts

                                  2. MW3

                                  3. Cod 4

                                  4. BO1

                                  5. BO2

                                  6. WAW

                                  7. MW2

                                  8. Cod 2

                                  9. Cod 3

                                  10. Cod Classic

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                                    MW2 is superior to MW1 in every way. You guys wasted time playing that crappy game. Peasants!

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                                      1. MW2

                                      2. MW3


                                      Blops 1 and 2 are crap I only played each one for around two months.  Ghosts is even worse. Never played WAW or COD 4

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                                        1. The REAL Modern Warfare: ahead of its time

                                        2. Call of Duty: Ghost Town: the best experience so far, but it doesn't have the same feeling as cod 4

                                        3. Lag Ops 1: enjoyable when the lag doesn't ruin it

                                        4. Broke Ops 2: good ideas with terrible execution and very laggy

                                        5. WW2 hacked edition: broken in its current state, never as good as cod 4

                                        6. Modern Badgame 3: campaign was good, but multiplayer is designed for children

                                        7. Modern Worstcod 2: insult to people of higher IQ


                                        I have a 3 kd or better in every cod, but none have been perfect. Every cod has been outclassed by the first three halo games.

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                                          I think I responded to a thread similar to this.  Regardless, I rate my favorites based on campaign and multiplayer (NOT including zombies and extinction).




                                          1. MW2 <--- (Hans Zimmer as the composer, epic moments, great story, and of course--No Russian)

                                          2. COD4 <--- (Best.  Ending.  Ever!)

                                          3. WaW <--- (Such a gritty and dark campaign.  Nothing will ever be that dark again...)

                                          4. MW3 <--- (Had some good moments during the campaign, but nothing groundbreaking)

                                          5. BO1 <--- (Had a nice twist, but the rest was bland)

                                          6. BO2 <--- (Again, pretty bland)

                                          7. Ghosts <-- (Riley made the game a little better, but again--bored).



                                          1. Black Ops 2  <--- (The scorestreak system motivated objective pursuits)

                                          2. Ghosts <--- (It was an OK multiplayer with some improvements, but certain problems keep it from being number one.)

                                          3. Black Ops 1 <--- (Now if ONLY the quickscoping gimp from this game were applied to future titles....)

                                          4. MW3 <--- (Deathstreaks, stealth bombers, EMPs, and Machine Pistols ruined it for me).

                                          5. Call of Duty 4 <--- (Nostalgic, but it's severely outdated)

                                          6. World at War <--- (Nostalgic, but it's outdated and it doesn't feel as smooth compared to COD4).

                                          7. MW2 <--- (The K/D clinic of Call of Duty.  Granted, it expanded upon things like pro perks, more attachments, more killstreaks, etc.  However, everything else was overpowered, which made it fun for noobs.  I hate MW2 with a passion)


                                          ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                                            i didn't start playing until MW2, so here is mine.


                                            1. Black Ops

                                            2. Ghosts (mostly due to the competition of clan wars).

                                            3. Black Ops 2

                                            4. MW2 - by the time i began playing, there were so many hackers with rockets within the first 5 seconds.

                                            5. MW3 - only cod i ever sold back within the first 30 days.

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                                              1) Call of Duty Ghosts

                                              2) Call of Duty Black ops

                                              3) Call of Duty Black ops 2

                                              4) Modern Warfare 2

                                              5) Modern Warfare 3


                                              Like a bunch of people here, I started with Modern Warfare 2 and never played anything before that.

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                                                Ghosts is #1.

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                                                  1. Ghosts

                                                  2. Black Ops

                                                  3. Black Ops 2

                                                  4. Modern Warfare

                                                  5. World @ War

                                                  6. MW2

                                                  7. MW3

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                                                    My list is different every time I type it because it is hard to choose

                                                    1. MW

                                                    2. Ghosts

                                                    3. BO

                                                    4. WaW

                                                    5. MW3

                                                    6. MW2

                                                    7. BO2

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                                                      I'll imagine these games without the horrible flaws and then order them ;


                                                      1. COD4 - Problem : Martyrdom, M16.

                                                      2. COD2 - Problem : Hmmm.

                                                      3. Ghosts - Problem : Insta-death.

                                                      4. MW2  - Problem : Noobtoobs, rockets, One Man Army, overpowered killstreaks, overpowered weapons.

                                                      5. BO1   - Problem : Maybe hit detection.

                                                      6. WaW - Problem : Tank.


                                                      I didn't play MW3 or BO2 because i had a life. Ghosts f*cked it up again.


                                                      Honestly i respect each one for its 'flavour'. I could swap Ghosts and MW2, one was alot of fun but one is a technically better game. I've noticed i prefer IW games. I see Treyarch as the better innovators but i've always preferred the look, feel and sounds of IW. Would be great to see them make something together

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                                                        1.) MW2

                                                        2.) Ghosts

                                                        3.) MW3

                                                        4.) COD 4 MW

                                                        5.) Black ops

                                                        6.) WAW

                                                        7.) Black ops 2

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                                                          Black ops 2 is my favorite

                                                          Black ops 1


                                                          Ghost is a major disappointment though the campaign was really good.

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                                                            2BO II

                                                            3BO I


                                                            5Cod 4


                                                            7MW3 aka WCE3 (Worst COD Ever!)

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                                                              cod 2

                                                              cod 4





                                                              blops 1

                                                              blops 2

                                                              cod 3


                                                              The list could be drastically different if certain titles did not have me over in a certain department, lets just say some titles were far more frustrating than others detracting away from the enjoyment factor. If anyone can explain to me why connection is eratic in some titles and far more forgiving in others, i might consider borrowing you my favourite pulling pants, spiderman speedos to be precise, they never fail.

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                                                                Best to worst huh? For best it's hard for me honestly, if MW2 didn't have OMA and commando (whatever the knifing range perk was) it would easily be the best. But since it did have those my list would be...


                                                                Cod 4 (Not because I'm a bandwagon fan of this game, what I liked the most was hitting 10th prestige actually felt satisfying.)




                                                                Cod 2 (I wish more people played this one, it was really fun)

                                                                BO1 (It didn't even feel like a cod to me, it felt terrible in gameplay)

                                                                Cod 3

                                                                WaW (I didn't play this one much, I stopped right when I realized the Bayonette distance)

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                                                                  1. Call of duty Mw2

                                                                  2. Call of duty Ghosts

                                                                  3. Call of duty Black Ops 2

                                                                  4. Call of duty Mw3

                                                                  5. Call of duty 4

                                                                  6. Call of duty WaW

                                                                  7. Call of duty  Black Ops 1

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                                                                    Best :Treyarch

                                                                    Worst : IW

                                                                    This has been consistent for me since I started playing online and I don't expect it to change.

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                                                                      1. Modern Warfare 3 (Had most fun with it, best multi player modes and had some great maps)

                                                                      2. Black Ops 1 (Good online with great maps. Kino Der Toten beats every BO2 zombie map)

                                                                      3. COD 4 (Amazing campaign, multiplayer, everything.

                                                                      4. MW2 (Another amazing campaign and multiplayer

                                                                      5. Ghosts- (I like the diversity of the campaign and online has a lot of new modes, new features and a mix of map sizes, I also like that extinction itself has a story)

                                                                      6. WAW (I would of ranked it higher but didn't get it till after playing other COD games but from what I did play of it, it seemed like a pretty good game)

                                                                      7. BO2 (The Lag absolutely ruined the whole game. Affected both online and zombies. It was horrific. For people who never had lag, cool but for people with the lag, it's possibly the most laggiest game in COD history).


                                                                      From this list you can clearly see I prefer the Infinity Ward games, I just find them more enjoyable. COD 4 Modern Warfare was made by Infinity Ward henceforth Treyarch have lived off of that formula ever since, so if a 3arch title's online is enjoyable, the real source is from IW. I loved Black Ops 1 and I still do and I loved Black Ops 2 at the beginning but that soon wore off.

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                                                                        1.) COD4

                                                                        2.) COD2

                                                                        3.) MW2

                                                                        4.) BO

                                                                        5.) WAW

                                                                        6.) COD 3

                                                                        7.) Ghosts

                                                                        8.) MW3

                                                                        9.) BO 2

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                                                                          1. Black Ops 1 (The good: maps, customization, zombies, campaign, modes played well.  The bad: some lag, graphics, slight balancing issues.) 

                                                                          2. Call of Duty 4 (The good: maps, innovation, campaign, all modes worked well.  The bad: some balancing issues.)

                                                                          3. Black Ops 2 (The good: maps, balance, dlc, and support from devs.  The bad: hit detection and zombies wasn't as good as previous games.) 

                                                                          4. Modern Warfare 2 (Could have been the best, but never reached its full potential.  The good: creative maps, expansion on everything from streaks to perks, great campaign, hit detection. The bad: no support and minimal patches from the devs.)

                                                                          5. Modern Warfare 3 (An all around decent game.  Not to much that was really good or really bad.)

                                                                          6. World at War (The good: zombies.  The bad: completely overshadowed by cod4)

                                                                          7. Ghosts (The good: expanded customization and extinction.  The bad: maps, connection issues, freezing, and they went backwards).

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                                                                            Ghosts, aka the most boring cod ever

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                                                                              1.) Call of Duty World at War (hands-down the best hardcore game-play among all cod titles in my opinion, not to mention first Zombies)


                                                                              2.) Call of Duty Black-Ops 1

                                                                              3.) Call of Duty Modern Warfare (COD 4)


                                                                              * COD 4 and COD BO1 are interchangeable, different developers *


                                                                              4.) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

                                                                              5.) Call of Duty Black-Ops 2

                                                                              6.) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

                                                                              7.) Call of Duty Ghosts (hate to admit it, this game is weak and severely flawed)

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                                                                                The major plus in MW2 was the superb co-op in my opinion

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                                                                                  1. Black Ops 2

                                                                                  2. Black Ops 1

                                                                                  3. Modern Warfare 3

                                                                                  4. never played Modern Warfare 2

                                                                                  5. never played Modern Warfare





                                                                                  etc etc etc

                                                                                  96. Ghosts

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                                                                                    In terms of straight MP, this is my list in order of fun. 


                                                                                    1. Black Ops 2

                                                                                    2. CoD 4

                                                                                    3. CoD 2

                                                                                    4. MW3

                                                                                    5. MW2

                                                                                    6. Black Ops

                                                                                    7. WaW

                                                                                    8. CoD 3/Ghosts