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    First game on DLC

      so, I finally get to download the DLC on PS3, join a game in progress, and there is an invisible guy running around knifing everyone, Third game, a guy already had a gold Maverick, and of course had the assault/support killstreak hack...and the lag/framestuttering/rubberbanding is unbearable on new maps

      I mean.... really??  what a load of crap

      Great JOB IW!!!!!


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          Re: First game on DLC

          cancelled mine with credit card company several days ago after the  2 double xp hack weekends i always looked forward to the DLC on others but im not arsed to be honest,pisses me off playin  v hackers when they can see you all the time.More time spent on bloody clans & tweets about buy this buy everything when they need to fix the hacks & the app,playing & access are standards you expect.

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