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    (PS4) Recruiting -Organized Nightfall- team

      I am looking to create an organized and cooperative Nightfall group on the PS4.  Teamwork and communication is the key to escaping and it is lacking in public matches.


      I know Nightfall was only released yesterday for PSN and not many of us know the ins and outs, but at this point I want to get together a group to explore the map and find different strategies (loadouts, defending positions, class assignments, etc) and later on complete Nightfall.


      If you want to sign up, make sure you meet each of these requirements:


      1) Use your mics - by using I mean actually having it on and communicating with the team.  Drop ammo, armor, feral, boosters.. whatever.  Listen to the team, do callouts, lets us know if you need anything.   Don't try to solo the map like you can on Point of Contact.

      2) Have a certain degree of experience - I won't judge by your prestige because it barely means anything.  I want to see you have at least 10 escapes on your card.  Not only that:  I want to see you know at least a few of the ingame mechanics, have knowledge of the past map but don't forget: NF is a whole lot different than PoC.

      3) Be a dedicated player - I want somebody who won't just play a few times then leave or play other games more than Extinction.  Show some interest in the group.

      4) Be a team player - Don't think for yourself, think for the team.  If there's no structure in the team then chances are it will fail.  Share your resources with everybody.

      Reply to the thread with your PSN if you are interested.

      By the way: it's currently Extinction double exp.