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        10. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

        then you sir are lucky. It's not like it's hard to spot lag lol. I experience lag in about 2/10 games I play I would say. Some of that lag being the bad rewind kind that stops you in your tracks. This has been one of the cods with the most lag no doubt. Some people you could write off sure, but when every other post on here seems to be about lag, nah can't write that off.

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          11. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

          I have a really nice suggestion for you since you seem to love having posts like that. Instead of basing your assumption of someone else's play based off of what you're experiencing, why don't you at least try to offer suggestions to try and minimize their problems as much as possible? Coming up with conclusions about someone else's experience based off of yours is what's truly pathetic and is not helping anyone.

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            12. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

            There does seem to be a divide in the community, some people are experiencing a lot of laggy games and others don't seem to notice much lag. Could be some common factor like geography, or as simple as some people are host a lot. As for its just bad players making excuses, its possible, but I don't think it is as simple as bad vs good players, I know many good players who are also complaining about the lag. I'm no run and gun beast but my KD is about 2 and WL about 1.6, so I rate myself a reasonably good player and capable of telling the difference between being beaten in a fair fight and an unfair fight with a lag handicap.

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              13. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

              You are right, it is irritating when you come across cocky kids that think they are beasts because they are demolishing an entire team on their own. I have that experience of being an unstoppable killing machine every now and then, feels good, but I know its not my skill, I just hit the jackpot in the lag lottery

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                14. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                You are just full of yourself, aren't you?


                The best thing that could happen to you is to experience a solid week of very laggy games, then maybe you might learn something. Oh and btw, prior to the last patch my K/D was just under 2 for the month. It went down to 1.4 (for the month) in the space of a week.  Deaths and non-kills caused by lag are really very easy to detect. Especially in HC.


                Back OT, I got some new fun lag issues these last few days. At least I assume its lag, never used to happen on a regular basis. Teammate's name not appearing above them. In HC = a frustrating death.

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                  15. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                  Yep - I've been caught out by the no teammate name until it's too late problem quite a few times in HC. I've noticed the same delay in core.

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                    16. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                    They don't show the ping, udp, jitter response in the game for the average console player would not have any idea of what those meant or how to understand them. And would try and always use them as justification for why they died, instead of ever admitting to just being out played by another player ever.


                    "I was UPD overflowed.. that is the only reason you won!!!1111", "I had 3 dropped packets...that is the only reason you killed me!!!111!!!" When the outcome would have been the same regardless because the other player had the better skill.


                    FPS games have always used UDP because of how it works, TCP would be to slow for any fast paced online game because of the error correction in TCP.


                    They cannot remove lag compensation it has been in every online game ever made to one degree or another. All they can do is make adjustments to it, and those adjustments will never be perfect or fair for everyone ever.


                    They wont limit the types of networks a player can play on because players would be upset about not finding matches in their area if they did this. They tried region locking and it failed miserably in past games.


                    They cannot do a round robin for it is based upon the host selection. Your idea would require that it change the host of the match at various points of the game, making it worse, not better. For not everyone is suited to be a host.

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                      17. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                      LOL.. from what I have heard BF4 is worse than Ghosts at times with connection issues and laggy matches and bad hit detection for some players..

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                        18. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                        Dedicated servers do not solve all problems they are not now or ever the magic bullet to fixing everything in the game. They only really prevent host migration and stat padding from dashboarding.

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                          19. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                          They do not artificially create any lag in the game. They do not slow down anyone's connection ever, that is not what lag compensation does or how it works.


                          No one should be at a disadvantage, no one at an advantage either.


                          No most people do not have decent internet these days, many still play on older slower lines and should not be forced to upgrade just because others have done so thinking they deserve a better game for doing so when that is not true, nor ever should be.

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