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        20. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

        I won't go on about how much of your post is wrong.


        Let's just start with this.

        One of you post one video of YOUR gameplay where you are "more than half a second behind".


        Until that happens(and it hasn't yet in all my time on the forums), its all just hogwash.

        While no one thinks that lag doesn't exist, everyone has it. Not just when they get beat. Its funny you people say "last month I did fine but this month I'm behind". You do understand how silly that sounds right? Like IW said "thats it tinfoil hat guy, were gonna put you behind EVERYONE".



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          21. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

          Yea this game is garbage. I'm done being abused by noobs taking advantage of this socialistic regime called Activision. I run a gigabit modem And service And don't agree with compensating my hard earned cash to some dumb tard And his crap service. I don't know what they've been putting in their Tea And Biscuits but it ain't pride. Dignify themselves as a legit company with ideas like lag compensation? minus well just give these lazy noobs my wallet.. we should not be punished for having supreme connections.. no. I always end up host And my ratio since dlc patch has declined significantly And i haven't changed a thing in gameplay. You'd figure by 7th prestige you'd have your set ups down to a t considering how many squad points it takes to buy the next characters.. You guys posting that there is no lag? Yea that's Because your Wal-Mart connection is being compensated for by us. Gigabit speed And i have experienced everything the original post describes along with the others. I have yet to be in these so called dedicated servers..i have not been in one Because everytime i leave mid match the host migration screen pops up. I say, LABEL the dedicated server lobbies with "dedicated server" on the bottom of the screen! I'll sit in that room all d@mn day. Infinity Ward is a laughing matter. They've must've hired noobs. Considering turning the game in at this point.. it's just always something with these guys.. they're trying to act like the mother to all b!tching noobs.. killing themselves in the process.. Fix the servers, be done with lag compensation And for fxck sakes stop lying to us And give us dedicated servers..how hard is it to get the job done right?

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            22. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill
            Paying for better internet does not ever equate to better game on console, for the console games never use your full bandwidth ever and never will when playing a game. Would not matter if you had a 100GB down and 100GB up with 5ms ping. Your game would still be no better than anyone else ever.
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              23. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

              CoD4 has less going on in the game then Ghosts, it has lower graphics, simpler player models, less effects running all the time.

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                24. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                You have no idea what you are ranting about.

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                  25. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                  Paying for more does not ever entitle you to better in console games and never has. Only a fool ever thinks it does or should or would.


                  Lag compensation is in every online game even pc games have it. shows how little you know about games. They cannot remove it ever. For with out it you NEVER would hit the other player no matter how far you aimed ahead of them.


                  You are not privileged or entitled to a better game just because you chose to pay more. This is not the real world were paying for a Ford Fiesta compared to a Ford GT40.


                  Not everyone gets a dedicated sever match, you have to be close enough to the location to get on one. Does not matter your connection it is distance to them that decide if you play on one or not.


                  They never promised that everyone would always be on dedicated servers ever. They said they use a hybrid which means some will and some will not based upon location to the servers.

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                    26. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                    Want to know if you're experiencing the 1 second lag? Learn to quick scope noobs. You'll know real quick, And after Doing it for so long, i know if i fired too early, aimed at a marker zone and just missed completly. Though some would disagree, Quick Scoping is an art. Constantly fine tuning a routine mechanism and within seconds dropping half the team and sometimes more given the circumstances. Skill like that offers a rush that is almost never matched. I find myself remembering names of those who walked from a kill zone shot only to level me with 1 stray bullet and yet the kill cam provides another story.. apparently they unloaded half a clip in me And i never got a shot off..  disgusting.. just pain ridiculous And untrue on my end. i can't be angry at them Because on their end it was a different story.. it's the game..

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                      27. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                      Please explain battlefield 3 and 4 And how they are able to hold up to 4x more with more responsive results. i expect  certain amount of lag, none like that in which has been displayed in these killcams. Explain my gigabit service having this issue, please, know it all..

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                        28. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                        I guess you have to live it to know. Shoot someone pointblank with half a clip in the back in HC from 10 feet away, get no hitmarkers and watch him turn around and 1 shot kill you with an AR. Thats just one very obvious example, it doesn not need to be so obvious to be, ahem, obvious when lag is affecteing you.


                        So long as bad lag has not happenned to you on a regular basis, it easy to say whatever you want about it being on the player, not the game. Sadly, when you do experience it, no matter how good a player you may be, lag is gonna get you.


                        Honestly, anybody spouting crap about lag not being a factor for some have no idea what they are going on about. The only way to know is to live it. When you go from as someone said 1 in 50 laggy games to 2-3 its pretty self-evident.


                        Personally I had lag when the game came out, sorted it by plugging directly into my modem, maybe an update helped, idk. Was fine till the last update. Now, not so fine. Have no idea why, nothing changed on my end, but pretty obvious that lag suddenly kicked in.

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                          29. Re: Its a lag lottery rather than a game of skill

                          QS no matter how anyone tries to claim or defend otherwise is not a real art, does not take any greater level of skill than someone using an SG up close. Those who claim otherwise are just ego driven people who believe they are better than others and then when die cry that it was unfair.. that lag killed them.. when really it was their poor aim at the moment that did it.


                          The kill cam is not nor ever has been 100% accurate on what is shows. The game always will have lag in it when played online. It never can be removed completely.


                          The kill cam shows from the killers perspective and what they seen and reported to the host, not the one who died. that is why it is called a kill cam. A death cam shows from the players view that died.

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