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      The Maverick needs to be Nerfed big time. Why make a Assault rifle that powerful. It says Medium range but I guess there idea of medium range is across the map one to two shot kills.


      I like the gun but its way over powered. Might as well chuck the other rifles out the door and just use the Maverick because its the best Assault rifle in the game.


          dude it is not op at all. have u not seen the damage on it. it takes more then one or two shots across the map to get a kill. only way u would get a one shot kill is if ur enemy is almost dead already.


            Its that good!?  Every time I pick one up, the recoil just kicks too much and im shooting at the stars!?   I'll have to try it with the grip, if it's even available?

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              I used it for a game or two, then went back to mainly Honey Badger.  The Mav was too slow for me.

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                Maverick sux...


                Most ar outgun it easily.

                Bad at range

                Useless with a silencer

                Intolerable with a muzzle... super bad recoil

                Slow rate of fire

                Maverick=sa-805, almost the same... the sa-805 is better.

                Only good for close range...

                If ur looking for a close range ar... hb or arx...

                So basically... it just has nice sounds when shooting and cool iron sights.


                But no it isn't op at all... doesn't even match up with most of its own class.

                I have it gold... with over 1500 kills and a 2.6 kd and I can't stand using it anymore.

                But I know they wouldn't make it op cuz they don't wanna make it a pay2win game.

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                  I use the Maverick all the time now. Best assault rifle. Don't get pissed because you got your butt kicked by it.

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                    Here we go 48 hrs after release we have the usual "nerf" whining. Pick it up and use it yourself.

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                      It amazes me that people respond the way they do.


                      Let me clarify.


                      I used the gun.

                      Its over powered.

                      I kill and get killed from across the map.

                      Stats of a weapon are not always correct.

                      I like the gun its just not balanced.


                      I play more then most and can say from experience that it is over powered. Not me complaining rather an observation.

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                        I found it less powerful than the R5 & AK 12 at long range, at close range it's pretty good but not super at long range.


                        Just my opinion though, I wouldn't make it more powerful or less.

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                          Sorry but no it is not over powered in any shape or form. It's one and only redeeming feature is I like the iron sight on it, other than that I pick the Remington or Honey Badger over it every time. I only have it in my squad because I have a class soley. for completing Operations and I thought as it is there I might as well use it. But really it's just average at best. When people cry, or in this case 'observe' that a weapon is over powered it's usually down to a bad experience or two against the weapon, and that is normally just bad luck or lag playing games.


                          Anyway, that's my view and no doubt you will disagree because that's what people like to do rather than just accept things are what they are.

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