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    Vac ban on steam. Please help!

      So i was in this MW3 lobby yesterday on my pc where i ran into a hacker. He used so called "aimbot" and killed us all across map with no scopes, just shoting in the air. He then when afk and i played a quite normal lobby. I found him standing in the corner and when i shot him 888888888888 xp popped on my screen. when i then exited the lobby i saw that i was an extremly high prestige and lvl 80. I thougt that you had to manualy press the prestige button in baracks but it appears not. The next week i tried to login it wouldnt let me. I then checked my steam and i was VAC banned. i hadent played public matches since beacuse i was afraid to get banned, so i just tried to go to the dedicated server list as usual, but it wouldnt let me. And then i saw that i was VAC banned.


      Can u in any way unban be and reset my stats?

      I hope u reply


      Steam username: mads9595

      Email: mads.munk99@gmail.com

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