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    A break from zombies tightened up my game.

      I play zombies everyday. Recently I had some sh*t come up at work, and I didn't get to play much. Three weeks with no zombie slaughter... I thought that my game would suck when I started back. Was I ever wrong.  The first game, I played buried and I was like a damn zombie Jedi. Straight rap**g these undead qu*efs. I felt like neo in the matrix- I could see everything.  Went to round 45 with the damn sledgehammer, AN and Remington. Trained the whole time. No camping.



      So if y'all maybe want a boost in your game, take a little break, and see what happens.

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          Re: A break from zombies tightened up my game.

          So true.. same here, we have had some serious cut back at work so everyone is pushing the envelope over here. by the time I get home. I got enough time to do the wife thing before I go to sleep. Neglected my Z's for about a week and a half. Once I got down to playing. I went ol' skool. To my all time favorite map. Der Riese. 1st attemp at playing, I went to round 38 before even going down. Even I was impressed.

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