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    Prestige 11-20

      Come on COD Ghost, It's time to add more prestiges! I've been a legitimate 10th prestiger for 2 months now. I've got tons of useless squad points.


      Add more prestiges and make them more colorful and distinctive.

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          1. Re: Prestige 11-20

          This is what we need

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            2. Re: Prestige 11-20

            No way, its ok for people who have plenty of time on their hands, but some of us can only play when we get spare time. Why is it so important to you? I cannot see the devs adding 10 more squad members. Plus this COD gives you nothing for prestiging a soldier anyway. At least on MW3 you were awarded a prestige token and another class.

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              3. Re: Prestige 11-20

              if i carn't level up whats the point in playing im 10th legit on multiplayer and extinction all the guns i use are gold i have over 70k kills 19 days played i want to level up and yes i do have a life before anyone reply's calling me a no life the games been out for 4 months give me something to do

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                4. Re: Prestige 11-20

                The problem with that is 90% of all CoD players will NEVER hit 10th so making it like MW3 is a bad idea IMO. If you want to focus on something then try getting higher on the leader boards. Give it a shot man.

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                  5. Re: Prestige 11-20

                  play a different game get tenth on an older cod 19 days is alot man

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                    man i know noobs at tenth and to the guy saying play a different cod im max on every cod btw im twisted_days i was on the wrong account and for a start the leaderboards are all hacked and every other lobby there's at least 2 3 tenths so 90% your way off there so for over half the community they want more prestiges we want more challenges more guns to get gold new game modes for anyone who's like me they want this stuff

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                      7. Re: Prestige 11-20

                      I'd also like to see them add more prestiges soon. I've also been 10th for nearly 2 months and as much as i like getting my stats up, it still feels a bit empty without being able to rank up. Sure, i could make a new account and start over, but it wouldn't be the same for me (and i also cbf adding 100 people on my other acc ). I also have over 1500 squadpoints that i am doing absolutely nothing with, they're just kinda sitting there hoping to get used eventually..

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                        8. Re: Prestige 11-20

                        At the end of the day it has to end somewhere, maybe once you are 10th prestige you have to go back to squad member 1 and turn him into a veteren by earning the same amount of xp, then you completr with 10 veterens, that would be cool.

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                          9. Re: Prestige 11-20

                          Well said... its not fun unlocking operations with high amounts of xp bonus while u r maxed out. I reached the max in 10 days of game play. I am now at 15 days of gameplay, so that could have been something. 


                          Having prestiges motivates u to play more, as it is like a major goal that u aim to achieve regardless of mode, operation, achievements.  Ever since I maxed... i got bored.


                          Here is a good idea. Make another last prestige really long. Which would probably require twice or triple the normal amount of players.


                          To those who ask why is it so important. .. well it really isn't, but its prestigious. It indicates accomplishment and experience. I would love to do more prestige ranks.

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