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    Cod Championships 2014 Discussion

      So not sure who is following the Cod Champs this year, but i thought it was about time we had a thread about it as I know there are a few of you into the esports scene here, and we still lack an esports forum here (hint hint)

      I pulled a long weekend of watching both the Aus/NZ regional finals (well done to both immunity and Trident for qualifying) and the Euro finals . I  have to say after the Euro finals think we have a really  good chance of finally seeing a euro team pull a win over the other side of the pond. Sunday saw the Euro finals and TCM taking the winners spot (this also helps with seeding in the World finals in La) not gonna lie was really chuffed for them as they are my favorite Uk team so was great to see them win.


      I would be very surprised if we dont see either a french/uk or german team in the top four after this weekend.


      so who else watched? has any thoughts? 


      *Can we please keep this thread about the cod champs thank you





      Also If you missed the results for the euro finals @esportsCod posted a great little  pic of the qualifying teams (and this is also the official account to follow for CoDeSport news btw Twitter / eSportsCOD: Well done to all 13 EU teams ...

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          Re: Cod Championships 2014 Discussion

          I follow pro gaming as a whole (not just cod) and this game (Ghosts) is missing what it takes to be a truly competitive game. Between the maps, gamemodes and 'make or break' spawns, it's hard to take it seriously. And that's not just my opinion- things like "I can't believe we are playing this game for 1 million dollars" and "expect more BO2 streams/gameplays after COD Champs" are constantly being muttered by the Cod pros. Overall, I love comp gaming but no COD this year, maybe next. 

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