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    Setting a New Standard for "Complaint" Posts

      I'd like to issue a challenge to all Forum users.


      We see it every day. Threads about this gun being OP, or another being Underpowered. Have even seen threads suggesting entire Weapons Classes are Overpowered or Underpowered. 


      Threads about Perks, Equipment, Setups, etc.... and especially threads about Quickscoping and the like.


      But I'd like to ask those who are considering opening such a thread to do something first. And that is very simple... Whatever you are about to complain about, TRY IT YOURSELF FIRST.


      I recently decided to take on the Ghillie Suit Challenge, I chronicled this in another Thread, as I have been frustrated with seeing the Bush Wookies running around, and have never been much of a sniper or a fan of sniping myself. But I got to thinking.... how can I complain about the Ghillie Suit when I have no idea what people went through to earn it? How can I complain about Snipers, when I am pretty useless as a sniper myself? So I took myself out of my comfort zone and have been sniping. I earned my Ghillie Suit, am working on the Concealed Cobra suit... and have developed a great respect for gifted snipers and an enjoyment for sniping myself.


      I hate shotguns... but I don't complain about them because I know how hard it is to be consistently successful with them in this game. I hate C4... but I am terrible with it myself, so I respect those who have learned to use it effectively.


      So I challenge my fellow forum members... step out of your comfort zone. Seeing something you feel is OP? Try it out yourself for a while. See how you do with it. See how long it takes you to become proficient with it and see if your feelings change. If you still feel the same way, by all means create a thread and discuss it in a rational manner. At least this way you will have some credibility and experience to back up your claims.


      I think this would make for a better forum experience for all of us, and also help us learn to understand one another better. Your thoughts? Would you like to see more of this as well? Have you tried something you thought was OP or hated and had an experience similar to mine? Would love to hear some stories.


      Thanks all, and happy gaming.

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