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    small Clan...? Get LARGER!

      Come on, you and I both know if you put it off you'll never do it!  Get Larger by joining Unstoppable! on the PS3/PS4!  We are recruiting new clan members and absorbing smaller clans that want to compete in Clan Wars...We are level 24 in Ghosts and we are currently at 59 members with our top 20 players all over 1.5 KDR's.  Friend TOG-SLEEK on PSN, join our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/unstoppabletog/) and subscribe to our YouTube Channel (Unstoppable COD Clan - YouTube).  You can also text me on 480.208.9051 if you want to join us!  Great group of guys, core players together since World At War...We are predominantly a Hardcore Clan, so anyone who focuses on Core and Core game types like Blitz, Cranked, etc. are Welcome!  In Ghosts the Clan is Unstoppable! (with one exclamation point). Click a link and join us...FRIEND me NOW on the PS3 network and don't "wait till later", you know you want to play with some great players and dominate your opponents tonight!  Just do it, you won't regret it!

      Disclaimer: If you are a whiner, think everybody is camping, immature, have to do your homework every night, drink milk, go to church 3 times per week or are "whipped", then don't bother...Hope we play against you!


      Just do it!


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