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    PC Hardcore search&destroy - We demand an official answer

      Now, I realise there's already been a few threads asking the same question but there was no official answer. So we ask you again and we demand an answer:


      When are you going to put search&destroy in hardcore playlist???


      What about hardcore FFA?? Or any other kind of game type that already exists in standard playlist???


      Please understand that we're no idiots. All those gametypes are already in the game. Hell, we can set up hardcore rules for any game type in private matches.

      So don't tell us it can't be done, it's too much work.

      It seems that, for some reason, you simply don't want to put any more hardcore game types in the game. Are you doing this deliberately?? Are you really that lazy???

      You do realise you're showing complete disregard to Call of Duty Ghosts gaming community by doing nothing???

      Do I need to remind you that Battlefield 4 now has a "defuse" game type which is (more or less) their version of search&destroy. And, yeah, it can be played in hardcore mode.


      You've already F****D up the game enough.

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