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    looking for clan black ops 2 (ps3)

      im 1.68 kdr and 1.36 w/l ratio,im looking for a 1.00+ kdr active clan,i have a mic and im 22 years old,i have all map packs except for apocalypse,please reply to the post

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          Re: looking for clan black ops 2 (ps3)

          well i do have a clan but if you are willing to create a new account to join our clan then add my psn :Empire-Kryptic... our kd goes from 1.67- 3.57  our win ratiok is 2.00 + .....  so if you interested let me know  , we are still growing day by day so we would be greatful to have you.


          if u have any questions let me know on forums or psn am at work so psn is unactive atm

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