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    [PS3][EU/US]: --Dead Team-- [xDT]

      --Dead Team--



      Welcome to [xDT]'s recruitment thread!


      We are currently looking for players interested in participating in Clan Wars! We are competitive but also like to have fun.

      Our goal is to build a healthy roster of dedicated clan mates to compete in upcoming Clan Wars.

      Note: Most of the Clan's activity is during Clan Wars. We are generally on PSN everyday, but not necessarily CoD. If you are looking for a clan to play CoD with everyday, this may not be the clan for you.

      About us

      • We were founded on 3rd March 2014
      • Level 20 clan with 1.65 K/D and 63% wins
      • We are in Diamond Division.
      • We have 4 main leaders, all with Clan/Clan Wars experience
      • We currently have 28 members
      • We are a currently a mixture of EU and US (UK, Holland and US)
      • We play as a team and play to win!


      Clan Wars

      March 5th - 10th - Bronze Division - 1st Place

      March 19th - 24th - Platinum Division - 2nd Place (16 points behind 1st)

      April 2nd - 7th - Platinum Division - 1st Place

      April 23rd - 28th - Platinum Division - 1st Place



      • 1.00+ K/D and W/L only
      • PS3 only
      • 16 years old+
      • Mic is recommended but not necessarily essential
      • EU/US welcome!
      • BE ACTIVE DURING CLAN WARS. We can't stress this enough.
      • If you are caught using a hack, you will be kicked


      To Join: Add Animated_JoeJoe, iGen_xTay, Xyphii or iMrCoxy for a trial/invite. Mention Dead Team in the friend request.


      Thanks for reading and hope you decide to join the Dead Team.


      If you have any questions please message either of us or reply below.