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    Sure like the maps but IW didnt learn from their MW3 dlc I guess.

      I got to play the last MW3 DLC for all of a few weeks before bops2 dropped due to IW not putting the DLC into the regular map rotation.  The community is already split since there is a good number of people in the DLC only playlist and it splits even further after the second drop since the first one goes into the regular rotation, which creates 3 pools.  Those in the new DLC play list, those in the reg play list (with DLC1) and those who dont have the DLC.


      Just put the maps into the reg rotation from the get go IW.  There can still be a DLC play list but I bet there wouldnt be many players in it since I think most would prefer the new maps to come up randomly.


      3arch had a lot of issues but this is one of many they had right.