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    Next Call Of Duty


      Call of Duty 2014 developer Sledgehammer Games is on a recruitment drive right now, and the job postings have revealed several potential new features we could see in this year’s edition.


      The shooter’s visuals are said to be a pretty big jump over Call of Duty: Ghosts’, and that it’s a next-gen first development.


      The new job posts appeared on Gamasutra’s jobs hub, and perhaps the most interesting position is for a temporary VFX Artist at the Californian studio.


      The role descriptor reads, “The candidates will have the opportunity to contribute in various areas of in-game effects including but not excluding weaponry effects, vehicle destruction, large-scaled rigid body simulations and environmental effects such as fire, smoke, water, and weather system.”


      It seems that Activision is keen to optimise PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware as much as possible, according to a line on all the posts that states candidates will need, “At least 2 to 3 years of next-gen visual effects development on console hardware (360, PS3),” and, “Experience with and a good working knowledge of the limitations and expectations of current generation hardware (360, PS3).”


      While it’s refreshing to see a studio push for as close to generational parity as possible, it remains to be seen, seeing as Sledgehammer is the first Call of Duty studio to enter into Activision’s new three-year dev cycle. Ideally, this extra year will help the team push tech to new degrees for the series, so it’ll be interesting to see how the company will help last-gen formats keep up.

      Call of Duty 2014: Sledgehammer job ads list weather systems, destruction & more | VG247


      Call of Duty: Titanfall? Leaked info on Sledgehammer's game


      Youtuber Drift0r, who leaked accurate Ghosts information last year has a new video on next CoD

      - very futuristic

      - hugeTitanfall like gun

      - good lighting physics

      - "Oblivion movie" looking map

      Drift0r (Ghosts leaker) RUMOR: Sledgehammers COD is futuristic? - NeoGAF

      So, new team, "very futuristic", "titanfall like gun" and so on...what do you yhink?

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          Hmm... nothing about the Wii U? Oh, the irony... looks like they have no plans for a Wii U team...

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            Well they took the 360 and PS3 version down to the original Wii so it would be safe to say that they will take the xbone and PS4 version down to 360 and PS3 in the same way.


            The larger issue is will they have the WiiU version. We have all been on the edge of our seats for the last few years because the sales of the WiiU console is not so hot and at some point they might decide to just stop doing it. It is very promising that they did in fact give us one last update. It is also promising that they gave us a DLC, although they are not charging for the DLC really they can't because they would split our player base up way to much and we can't afford that, there are already too few people online every night. However, it proves once and for all that we could in fact get DLC from them which means if someday we do reach higher numbers they could in fact sell us DLC.


            So as with every other year we need to hold our hopes high that a WiiU version is in the pipeline and that it will launch along side the other versions. As far as Ghosts I would bet that this is the last update, the team for the WiiU is small and if we want the new title this fall they need to get busy on that project.


            I have not played the new update yet but I hope that it is a good fix, that it doesn't leave anything broken so that we can keep playing this title until the new one launches.

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                i cant believe you actually think they would drop the u in the light of the amount of HUGE first party titles being dropped this year, i do believe you are talking out of your @$$ on this one.

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                    For someone like me, whose taste in games varies, i can't be more annoyed by this news. There are already 15 games i want on the Wii U already, and that isn't including all the games to be released later this year. Besides, my backlog is still too large. In 3 months i managed to knock down 17 video games, but that's still not enough considering i have 40 more stacked up by the TV X_X
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                        i have a few im working on, but keep on starting up ghosts lol...thatsa lot of games btw

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                            With such a backlog, playing a series like Call of Duty doesn't really get me anywhere XD Seriously, i let alot of these games pile up over the years and did nothing about it X_X



                            Unfortunately it likely won't stop. there are still many good games i want to get on DS, 3DS, Wii, PS3 and 360 that i don't own yet. 60+ For consoles; and probably 20+ for DS and 3DS. And PS4 and Xbox One titles have around 6 titles i want, on each, currently.


                            I estimate my entire collection is 160 games strong. I am currently making a database of all the games i own (game name, developer, publisher, etc) trying to organize and keep track of them all, so i should have a definite answer at some point. there are currently 96 titles in the database and i haven't gone through half of my platforms yet! :O

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                      Meh, would much prefer a game set in current/past times like MW1/2/3 or Waw/BO1 style. Theres already loads of futuristic titles planned for release (Titanfall, Destiny, Halo to name a few), and ive not found the futuristic style of BO2 or Ghosts to be overly enjoyable.


                      Would much prefer something based around real events rather than fictional.


                      Having said that, i'll settle for it aslong as its a good quality product.


                      Seems from the quotes in the OP they have some big things planned, so for now at least we'll just have to keep an eye out and see how things develop.

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                        You do know a sledgehammer games employee accidently leaked that they were working on the next modern warfare game last year right? Just look it up.