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    Pv Ps3 ( Pure Vision )  Recruiting & Also Recruiting Snipers

      Pure Vision is Recruiting


      Note: We just started the team 2 weeks ago

      We just won clanwars platinum divison by 755 clanpoints )


      Clan information

      -Level 13, Just started last week .

      -K/D Ratio 1.57

      Win Ratio 78%

      #1 Placed first in Platinum Divison

      24 Players that are very active


      We have a sniping division and we record with hdpvrs


      We mostly play Domination , Search & Rescue , Blitz , TDM , Cranked .



      Looking for active players with a K/D over 1.25 or 1.25

      Must be respectful, MUST PARTICIPATE IN CLANWARS.


      Interested in joining reply here or add me on PSN : Pv_Acid