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      Understand your concern, I will create a case report about this and personally forward this report to the team for further investigation. You may also send a message on this email on this email address report@infinityward.com

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          Please Treyarch do something about the cheaters, hacks and boosting.  I and a lot of others enjoy this game but it's ruined by invisible players, players that only receive a hit marker and won't die (extra health)  I've found the only way for these cheaters to die is knifing them.  Another is a ever lasting Mortar strike that lasts the entire match until time or score limit is reached. Get rid of players like this,  Block ip addresses?  Something for abusing and exploiting this game.

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            i have also come across these cheaters and they dont care, i have come across 7 today and going to report them to that address you have given

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              I am afraid to finally announce the death of this game. Unofficially of course. We all waste our time again and again reporting these cheats either in game or to an obscure email address or another. We get all the big talk about ban hammers. And stuff like that. What we really wanted to hear back apart from big words on tough measures and we will get someone on it right away is the truth. And the truth is "basically we don't give a **** and stop complaining cos we got better things to do". I came upon the latest cheat just now. First time i have seen this one but it's just like the good (or bad) days of world at war where their cheats come up in writing on the screen so everyone can see they are cheating. Be honest. These days do you ever get a game of WAW without a lobby full of cheats. I told him i was reporting him. His reply was "i don't give 2 ***** what you did". After which he said "go and f..k your own ass". His tag is WSR_PREZ. Although you wont need to remember this cos you can see all the cheats come up at the start of the game. This is without doubt the beginning of the end for this game. The amount of cheating and the lack of action or willingness to do something about it has killed it. But look on the bright side. Just like WAW. We will have very fond memories. Well. some