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    Looking for BlackOps2 clan (PS3 Multiplayer) (Active & Friendly)

      Looking for an active laid back clan.

      Points and achievements:

      Diamond Assault Rifles, and Steadily completing SMGs

      All-time Score per minute: 200 w/ 0.85KD with 2000+ Assists (Team Deathmatch Data. As its my main game-mode)

      All Time SPM is 210 w/ 0.77 KD. W/L Ratio is 0.71%

      7th Prestige Lv38 as of post with 8 days played


      Im generally a laid back guy. Im not really competitive, i just play for the love of the game. I have a microphone and I will be turning 18 as of june. Honestly i think people going for nothing but KDR are a bit too try hardy, sure it can get things done but it overlooks the potential of players, as though you want the number and not the player him/her self.


      My PSN is DKSolomore


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