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    Why I run the SVU:

      I was playing with a team of random members earlier today and one of them asked what gun I was using.  I was running the SVU marksman rifle and I got called a noob, chump, idiot and a few other intersting things.  It was a killed confirmed game and I went 19 and 14 nothing impressive, but that is an average game for me. I'll list my class real quick in case anybody reading this wants it for reference.



      Primary Weapon: SVU

      Attachments: Iron Sights, Extended Clip

      Secondary Weapon: 44 Maginum

      Attachment: Acog Sight

      Perks: Ready Up, Stalker, Focus, Tactical Resist, Extra Tactical

      Equipment: concussion greande x 2



      Most players don't use the SVU at all and those who do typcially use it with the thermal sight, silencer, and a bunch of stealth perks.  I have adopted the weapon into a role that most players would commonly put an assult rifle as the class above dictates. The SVU is considered one of the worst guns on offer becuase of it's slow fire rate and higher recoil.  However, when you are playing this game, everyone has different opinons about what makes a good gun. At the end of the day, everyone should play with what they are most comfortable with. 



      Back in black ops 2 I played a lot with the SMR assult rifle. It had a ROF of 425 if I remember right and after a month of using it I learned to time my trigger finger to fire it almost perfectly at it's fire cap. I also took a liking to the SVU-AS sniper rifle in that game because it had a similar ROF, recoil and shots to kill. When I stated Ghosts, I saw the SVU and tried it out. It plays exactly like the black ops 2 SVU-AS except it has a damage drop at range and loses it one hit kill to the head outside of close range. However, compared to it's black ops 2 counter part it aims in .3 second opposed to the .4 in BO2 and has a large clip of 18 instead of 12.  With the handling perks Ghosts has available, I spent 20 minutes learning the recoil pattern and I had found my gun.  Unlike most of the markman rifle who have onidirection self canceling recoil. The SVU kicks up to the right making it predictable and not that hard to correct.



      My point in posting this topic is not to tell eveyrone that they should go out and adopt the SVU.  It's a challenging weapon to master and there are better ones in most other players hands. However, it works very well for me and I didn't appreciate being called a noob and told that I had no idea what I was doing.  Just because you don't like a weapon doesn't mean that in the right hands it cannot be very powerful.  That game I took first place on my team.  I didn't get the most kills, but I collected 28 tags and got the most points. There is nothing wrong with offering advice.  But don't insult your team mates.  They are the ones you are playing with after all.


      Thoughts and comments are welcome of course.

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          Re: Why I run the SVU:

          I was starting to use the SVU in BO2 as a go to gun for most maps except the small ones. I normally play HC so looking for head shots wasn't important, it was generally a one shot kill affair. I don't think it had an iron sight if I recall, I think I just settled on the default scope. When playing in Core I'd put a suppressor on it.

          I can understand where you're coming from 

          In Ghosts, I'm running the Remington AR for most maps and the new Maverick sniper with the variable attachment for the long haul. The Remington seems to have the best range and damage of all the AR's. When I venture into Core/Std. on rare occasions, I strap on the Honey Badger for it's suppressor.

          Nice post! 

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            Re: Why I run the SVU:

            From his post it doesn't sound like he's sniping with it. He mentions using the iron sights. It sounds like he's comfortable using it as a powerful single shot assault rifle. 

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              Re: Why I run the SVU:

              My only comment would be to ignore whatever idiotic comments you hear and play the game as you enjoy it in whatever way that works for you.


              It can be quite startling to hear all the trash said online and I don't hesitate to "avoid" people who are unpleasant. Tonight I played with a girl who was one of the worst foul mouthed complainers I have come across in a long time, so its not even a gender thing. Some people are just not fun to play with/against.

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                Re: Why I run the SVU:

                The reality is, ignore what others say, if it works for you, then great.


                As a fellow SVU user (in the more common manner you describe), it is a weapon which isn't the easiest to get to grips with and can leave you very vunerable in the wrong circumstances, but I enjoy it.


                I've never used the iron sights on it though, just because I always avoid CQC with it as I almost always die, preferring to stick to ranged encounters.  So, for me if you're doing well with that set up, you deserve respect rather than ridcule!

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                  Re: Why I run the SVU:

                  one of my most proud accomplishments is I did KEM with the svu

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                    Re: Why I run the SVU:

                    So i remembered your post, and told myself I'd try the svu iron sight and ext mag. I did and honestly it's an awesome combo. it has a bit of recoil, but still overall good.

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