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    The Bash Attack With Shield - Commando Attachment - Discussion



      Can we forget for a second the C4 + Riot Shield and get down to how effective the thing is overall?


      The RS isn't effective, it doesn't block bullets well, unless you're looking directly at the person, crouched and on a level playing field. The Bash attack has zero lunge and therefore you must be within shaking hands distance in order to actually hit someone and it takes two hits which you're unlikely to get.


      Now let's cast our mind back to MW2 and you had the commando perk and I know many people didn't like that but with the Riot Shield it actually made the thing usable. The RS should not be an overly offensive weapon but you should be able to defend yourself.


      Example: Say I'm using the shield and I'm protecting a domination point, the guy with the gun already has a huge advantage over me because he has increased mobility (unless using a weapon like an LMG then not so much) and can move around me with ease. Quite frankly my defence isn't great and that's why the shield was good in MW2 because paring the RS with commando actually made it so you could defend yourself in CQC situations.


      Right now you might as-well put your head between your arse and kiss your ass goodbye because you're out matched every signle time in CQC combat.


      Now of course you do have equipment but that's been greatly nerfed and you do have a pistol but in realistic terms by the time you have your pistol pulled out the person could have already shot and killed you.


      This is why I believe the RS bash attack should have commando built in e.g. increased lunge to help you in those CQC situations or it be an attachment so you could have slow mele with commando or fast mele with light frame or whatever the attachment is called.


      I don't want commando to return as a perk but on the RS yeah I think this would be fair considering it is poor at being a defence weapon and completely screwed if an enemy comes close to you.