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    So this patch was essentially useless from a game playing PoV then?

      Many of the fixes I assumed to come from from this patch, are not anywhere present.
      These fixes include (but are not limited to);


      - The rebalancing of Amplify and Dead Silence (Dead Silence buff)

      - More loadouts and specialist in Infected

      - and the IED nerf (yes ladies and gents, IEDS haven't been nerfed!!)


      Basically what we got was Free Fall and the operations glitch fix and a few other fixes for things 99% of the community was unaware about.


      On a personal note, I am disappointed by the fact that the Thermal sights/Tracker sights were not fixed to be made viable for the wiimote. There have now been 2 mega threads about the issue and no word on fixes.

      I am to blame for hoping for such a fix though.


      Now, may I ask if we are going to be receiving the mentioned fixes or not?


      Thanks for Free Fall btw.