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    Fixes ive already noticed.

      OPERATIONS FIXED! A huge one for me would be much less, if any, delay in the lobbies, thank god. Prestige icons are now visible in some lobbies, maybe all i will have to play different modes to see if they update as well, words no longer run together at the bottom of select squadmember menu, the match summary now displays win/loss, the requirements for lean and rescue kills seem to be lowered on all weapons, We also received free fall, which opens up a nice little slot in the private match map selection menu titled DLC...or something very similar. Not a big deal to some, but i think it is huge. Oh one more...RAGEQUITTERS NO LONGER RUIN STATS, EVEN WHILE HOSTING!!!!!!!! As far as i can tell it has been fixed. i did terrible my first match on free fall, but stayed positive with like 15/12. Anyway, host raged, disconnected from the lobby after the scoreboard but everything updated properly, FINALLY!

      Im sure there is tons more i will update any more fixes i spot until the notes are updated, please all do the same. Thanks.