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    Loyalty Honor Respect {LHR} | XBOX 360 | All Games | 70,000 Members Strong | Join Today!!

      Loyalty Honor Respect


      70,000 Members Strong

      Hi, I am Wu Wu OG, Loyalty Honor Respect is recruiting now!! We are a large gaming community consisting of variety of games. We are a community with rules and more. We strive for the best needs for members. First rule of LHR is self explanatory Loyalty Honor Respect. We run in squads and all thanks to the Webs Ops division. Join my Platoon and Battalion today!!!


      What We Offer:


      • Website & Forums
      • Facebook Page
      • Rank Structure
      • Code Of Honor
      • Weekly Meetings
      • Weekly Activities
      • Tournaments, Prizes, Pro Teams
      • Players Online Daily
      • AND MORE...


      • 18+ to join LHR. However we do have a Jr Clan SYG for underage gamers
      • Mic
      • Active
      • Maturity
      • Internet Access


      Message Me On Xbox Live To Join!!

      Thank You!!

      ~Wu Wu OG