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      So just like the title , the new clan BLVCKCRVFT is recruiting on PS3&PS4 . We are open to everybody , we will accept everybody , but , we will kick you out if you are to annoying, insulting someone of the clan or not active.

      You don't need to have the best K/D ratio to be accept , all we want is someone who enjoy the game and respectful to your teamates.

      We are new but already strong as hell , we are a Occult War Clan .

      So if you are interest by our ''Mindset'' be please to join our ''Cult'' (Clan) . Just post your PSN gamertag and wich platform you use in the thread and I'll invite you .

      I'm Ill-K1D-SS the leader of this strong brotherhood, you can add me on PSN : ILL-K1D-SS or on the CoD App and ask me to join the Crew (PS3), i'm open to every project .

      If you play on PS4 , please write it so I can know it , this is the part of my CO-Leader : RDRM-SS-APOC  , you can add him on PSN or on the CoD app, you can send him a message too . It's totally the same Clan but unfortunately I can't split myself in two.

      We Answer to every single request . Don't forget to tell us wich platform you use !

      If your IN for some Recruiting and promo for the Clan just do it , I will automatically Upgrade your Rank of Soldier .


      Be powerful and kill all those who came in our path to stop us ! We are the BLVCKCRVFT CLVN [XIII]


      Clan Name : BLVCKCRVFT

      Clan Tag : XIII

      Leader : ILL-K1D-SS (PS3)

      CO-Leader : RDRM-SS-APOC (PS4)