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    Operation Challenges

      Making them all active like they HAVE ALWAYS been was a great update and a long time coming. I will say this was one of the things that rubbed me wrong from the start. Never really complained because I figured it was going to get patched at some point.

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          I only wish they added Operation statistics to a player's profile, as that way it might encourage more players to focus on completing as many unique challenges as possible. It would also vary the individual's experience on the game a lot more, having to utilise various equipment or adapt to new game modes.

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              I never understood why they did the operations the way they did. It was almost like it was meant to be more and it never really happened. Or maybe just someone not really thinking through an idea.

              Honestly leveling and unlocks has always been a main reason why people continued to play week after week. I would think touching that concept would have been a redline that wasnt crossed. Almost like a career ending thing you just don't do.

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              I'm a little mixed on it, TBH.


              There is a lot to look over versus 10 per area. I am happy to see the weapon specific ones... would have been very helpful on earlier prestiges.

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                I'd have so many challenges completed had this been done sooner. I don't understand the reasoning for making you wait on challenges.

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                  Last night almost every game I was competing challenges. Was a great Xp boost. I am glad due to competing the ones that only happen a couple times all year.

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                    Im sorta torn on this one as well. When I got my challenges I picked a couple and focused on them , I never purchased new challenges I did what they gave me. A few of them I had to work for example , if it bleeds I can kill it , ( I had to chase a maniac to kill it with a knife to get it and I worked on that one) and now some will get it on panic knifing. On the other hand playing last night kept getting patches after matches for completing operations. If they would've started the game out with them all open I would've accepted it the same way I accepted that they were on a rotation minus the one you highlighted. Changing the rules midway can give mixed feelings about it.

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                      See? It's been so long since I played Ghosts I was not aware of this.


                      NOW I'm interested in the game again.

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                        Definately a good idea, one of the few they have had recently..