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    Things that make Hardcore mode harder.(Not a full list, yet)

      I have found out a couple of things that make Hardcore mode in Extinction harder:

      • 1. You have no cross-hair, so its harder to throw a hypno knife.
      • 2. If you shoot your teammates, you take damage.
      • 3. Sentry guns will die sooner when hit by seekers blowing up and scorpions shooting them.
      • 4. The time between hives has been cut by like 75%.(For example on normal after you beat a hive you have about 2 minutes to start the next one before the cryptids spawn. On hardcore you have about 30 seconds.)
      • 5. A lot more cryptids spawn in after hive one. Hive one seems normal to trick you, it will not stay peaceful for long...lol.
      • 6. Scorpions and Hunters are a lot more common and the amount of seekers is crazy.
      • 7. You only get skill points for completing challenges, not beating the hive.
      • 8. I think they destroy the drill at a faster rate.


      Things that I have seen that have not changed(I think):

      • 1. Same amount of search boxes and same rewards.
      • 2. They don't do more damage or you don't do less damage(It may feel like they do more, but its because there are more of them.)
      • 3. Phantom spawns are the same, well at least in the 1st area. One at hive three and sometimes one at hive four.


      It really is a lot harder. I am 6th in the world on solo nightfall with 5 relics and I cant even beat the 4th hive on Solo with 5 relics now. It is insane. Bad thing is I have only beat 3 hives and I'm 2nd in the world Solo Nightfall Hardcore mode. Top dog only made it to hive 5. Point of contact is easier, but not by much. If you want a challenge, then play Nightfall with all 5 relics on and put it on Hardcore. If you even make it to the 1st breeder encounter, your amazing...lol. If anyone else knows anything that makes Hardcore mode harder, please tell us so I can make a full list. Thank you.